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With three children, two of whom share a bedroom it’s safe to say we are swamped with their “stuff” Whether it be masses of books, toys, games and clothes it can be difficult to find places to store it all. We moved house last September and luckily the house is much bigger so we have more space, but as the girls have gotten older the toys are getting bigger and bulkier and with twins – there’s double the amount in one hit when it’s their birthday.

Storage solutions are a parents best friend. My house is filled with baskets, large storage bags and toy boxes to a) put them into some sort of order and b) conceal it all so the house doesn’t look a constant pig sty!

When we moved house, we bought loads of clear tubs to help with the move, but over time I have started to “upgrade” them to more aesthetically pleasing storage units that match the room décor, as let’s be honest, no one wants to see a see through box filled with random tat!

The obvious solution to most of lifes issues is to rush to IKEA but we had the Trofast and I can say I really am not impressed with the quality as it’s warped and scratched very easily. We will be looking in the next few months at replacing it with a more sturdy unit that will grow with us as a family.

I have been looking at the children’s storage furniture from Room to Grow as they have a huge range of quality pieces.

kids storage ideas
This cabinet is so pretty. I love that it is suitable for a kids room and would also look perfect in a lounge or study afterwards. The detail is subtle but gives it an extra ‘edge’ on plain white.

Again, this is a perfect piece for a bedroom. It could hold books and toys on the shelves and the top can have a few cute decorative pieces on top. This would be suitable for the girls now (aged 3) and also would still work when they are in their teens to store all their hair and make up products on (shuddering at the thought of teenage twin girls!)

We have SO many books it’s untrue. The girls currently have a sling bookcase which if I’m honest, is rubbish as they all lean forward and don’t balance out. We really suffered false economy buying a cheap one as it just doesn’t work. I wish we had bought a quality one that would last as after a few months I’m already fed up of the sling case.

Have any of you got any great storage hacks or tips that you want to share?

B x

Disclosure – written in collaboration with Room to Grow

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  1. 21st July 2016 / 4:24 pm

    Room to Grow is fab! I’m a bit obsessed with storage, too, I like everything to have a place. We have a bookcase like that one for my son and it is brilliant, definitely worth having x