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I can’t quite believe that come September Charlie will be making the leap from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. He completed his SATs last month and was completely unaware he even had. I was really happy that he to date never views school or learning as being a chore. Last year we purchased a desktop computer with the view to letting him use it for school work and he loves nothing more than logging on for research and sometimes we are given websites they are using at school, incase we want to let them swot up at him.

A site that I’ve recently discovered is Education Quizzes. This is a great site that has quick fun quizzes for all children from key stage 1 (reception age) right up to GSCE age. Seeing as I left school over half my life ago, I had a quick nosey to see how much of the curriculum nowadays I actually know. 

The site itself is bright and colourful and super easy to use. It is broken up into individual sections being Key stage 1, Key stage 2, 11 plus, Key stage 3 and GCSE. When you click on each section it gives a brief description what that section is all about and then a list of subjects for you to choose and off you go!

My main plus point about the website is that all of the quizzes have been written by actual teachers, meaning that all the questions are relevant to what your child is learning about at school, not some suit in an office who has no idea! You can complete the quizzes at your own individual pace and can easily jump from subject to subject. Each quiz is also clearly labelled before you start, meaning you it your child can pick a one that is relevant current school topics.

The quizzes themselves are fairly short with around ten questions and it tells you if your answer is correct. If it is wrong it tells you the right one and you also get your total score at the end of each.

I was a whizz at Key Stage 1 (bravo hey?!) but I have to admit that there were a few that stumped me! I liked the site layout and Charlie too could easily navigate each section and was chuffed when he got 10/10 on the Maths section. Let’s just say he doesn’t get his Maths enthusiasm of knowledge from me!

I think I would use these quizzes perhaps when Charlie has basic homework or during school holidays. At 7, I don’t like him sitting in front of screen for too long so the short quick quizzes are good to keep his brain active and sustain his attention.

The cost to the access the site is £7.50 per month, which you can cancel at any time. Personally at Charlie’s age, I probably wouldn’t use it that much at home however when I have all three at school if would be more cost beneficial. It would also be really helpful for kids sitting their GCSEs.

The lovely people who run these Education Quizzes do understand that not everyone can afford an extra monthly cost, so also offer the services to schools.  Schools can benefit from amazing savings with prices starting from just £2 per child per year, depending on the number of children signing up. It might be worth mentioning to your own child’s school as I think that anything that will help children carry on learning outside of school which we as parents know can only be a good thing!
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  1. 19th June 2016 / 7:46 pm

    Ben is also in Year 2 and I’m the same – how are they ready for KS2, it seems madness to think he’s moving to the juniors! They grow up so fast.