Twin Gripes

As we rapidly approach the girls third birthday, the differences between them become more apparent each day. Gone are the days where I could choose their clothes, and cutesy them up in matching clothes. Now independence reigns supreme and my identical twins couldn’t be less identical if they tried. They look completely different and act completely different but still somehow they are confused on a  daily basis. I know that this is going to happen forever more and in time they too will come to learn that that comes with being a twin. Hell, I am almost 4 years younger than my sister, about 3 inches taller and I am ginger whereas she is blonde and people get US mixed up, so what chance do my girls have?!

twin gripes

Seeing Double

However, appearance confusion aside there are still other little niggles that bug me beyond belief three years down the line:

1) They are TWO PEOPLE

I know it may save you £1, but having to share a birthday card is not cool. If I hadn’t had twins and still had 3 children you wouldn’t buy them joint cards would you? To be fair they don’t care at the moment but come on this is sheer ignorance! 2) Don’t call them “the twins” to their face

It’s not their name. I thought long and hard and had many MANY arguments with my husband over their names so please use them. Yes they are quite obviously a twin but that’s not their actual name ok?!

3) Don’t stare and definitely don’t point!

I vividly remember us taking the girls on holiday when they were 10 weeks old. During the journey we stopped at a service station to feed them and honestly it was like we were in the circus the amount of people that had a right gawp as they walked past. Ok yes it is cute and probably not something you see everyday but people actually standing and pointing? That’s not OK

4) Don’t tell me how you would have hated having twins

THIS is so incredibly offensive. I had someone tell me to my face that they would have shot themselves if they’d had twins. These are my children you are talking about!! How would you react if I turned to you and said “God I would have hated to have had your kid” See, not nice is it.

5) Having kids close together IS NOT THE SAME

Don’t compare. Seriously, don’t. You had a baby and a toddler. You could put the immobile newborn baby down whilst running after your crazy 13 month old; my life at that stage was a constant risk assessment to see who needed me the most. Granted, when you have a two and three year old – that’s when I reckon you win in the crazy stakes.

6) Twins isn’t having your kid again

Two people. Two very different personalities. It’s rare that both will be having a good day at the same time, just as when one sleeps through the other probably won’t!

Despite a rollercoaster journey I would not swap the twin life for anything. To have a single baby then twins is just so amazing and I’m so lucky I got to experience both. Smile and chat to me if you’re intrigued just whatever you do don’t tell me how I’ve got my hands full with double trouble as my head will explode with clichés!!!!!

B xx

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  1. 13th May 2016 / 7:36 pm

    Oh gosh! Do people really say and do these things…How rude!
    Instead of double trouble it sounds like it’s double the fun, joy and love x

  2. 18th May 2016 / 9:52 pm

    Oh my days I can’t believe people say they are glad they didn’t have twins! Some people are so dense. Fab post thanks for linking up to #thelist x