Parenting Ace Cards

We are going through a funny phase at the moment. The girls are incredibly feisty and independent and as we rapidly descend into the countdown to them being three, the need for independence comes with a somewhat grumpy stroppy price tag.

C similarly has gotten a bit more cocky as he is now in the year at the top of his school. Being the eldest year group, they all are starting to think they rule the roost and he has become a bit more of a diva which is rather amusing!

As we muddle through our days, shouty Mom has started rearing her ugly head a lot more. A combination of everyone wanting to be top dog and the fall out when it doesn’t happen really makes her NEED to pay us more frequent visits which is hard. There are days when all I feel like I’ve done is shout and moan and go on at the kids, but what happens when you’ve played your parenting ace cards?

For me a simple countdown from 5-1 usually does the trick, but as I was chatting with a lovely friend we both weren’t quite sure what to do when we get to 1! When you have exhausted all your tricks in the book (bribes treats, reward charts, the naughty step etc) there’s nowhere to go. Shouting like a loon makes no difference just as turning a blind eye does.

It’s a bridge I’ve found myself having to stand on a lot and I don’t quite know how to cross it. Solo parenting is hard as my husband is away every week meaning that I pick my battles more and more. I know I’ve been more lenient with the girls but it’s a combination of second (and third) child syndrome where you are more relaxed as a whole but when I’m constantly outnumbered on a child to parent ratio with twins, I often am too tired to really nip it in the bud.

As a whole, as much as I moan the kids are pretty good. Despite writing this after a little person crept into our bed at 4.50am, I know I could have it a hell of a lot worse. But it is so hard to know what is right and more and more I question myself. I thought the more kids you have the more you know; turns out experience in parenting counts for nothing as each little monkey comes with their own instructions and rules. If only I knew how to play and win!

B xx

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