LeapFrog and Channel Mum – Preparing for School

leapfrog channelmum preparing for school
As you may know, we are part of the LeapFrog parent panel and I’m excited to share the news that LeapFrog has partnered with the wonderful Channel Mum vloggers to help offer guidance and advice on helping kids be school ready. There’s only four months to go until schools all over the country will be welcoming their newest pupils, and parents will be needing tissues at the school gates as their babies go off to the big wide world.

The first in a series of videos has been released, following four mums as they prepare their family for school life for the first time. Offering tips to help ensure other families are as ready as possible for the first day of term, vloggers Natasha, Jess, Anna and Katy share their concerns, experiences and advice on navigating that big step in all children’s lives.

Commissioned by LeapFrog, who are a multi-award winning educational toy brand which we love, in partnership with online mummy vlogger community Channel Mum, the new YouTube series will offer practical tips, support and advice on some of the milestones and topics that parents will be facing when preparing their child for school; from learning to write their name to purchasing that very first school uniform (they always look so grown up!)

I am just like the 83 per cent of other parents who agree that they search online to discover useful parenting information and 3 in 5 of those turning to online video specifically for their answers. The video series will look to provide answers to those tricky parenting questions that occur throughout the first year of Primary School; from preparing beforehand to surviving the first day and beyond.Sally Walker, VP Marketing International at LeapFrog said: “There is a plethora of parenting information out there which can be incredibly overwhelming. That’s why we are so delighted to have teamed up with Channel Mum, so that we can condense some of that information and help make life a little bit easier for them, and help with things they may or may not have had the opportunity to consider yet.”

Channel Mum founder and mother of three Siobhan Freegard said: “There’s nothing better than advice from other mums who’ve been there and done it, and our mummy Vloggers will help you and your child every step of the way. We’re delighted ‎ to be partnering with LeapFrog on this important project and hope mums enjoy getting to know our Vloggers while finding out all they need to know in a fun and accessible way. While you’re holding your little one’s hand as they step inside the school gate for the first time, Channel Mum and Leapfrog will be holding yours.”

You can watch the video here:

Are your little ones heading off to school this September? Mine are starting nursery and I already feel rather teary about it all!

B xx

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