Holiday Traditions

Growing up, as a whole there were no big set rules that we lived by. Day to day was just that – going with the flow and having fun. It’s funny the things from your childhood that you learned and have brought them into your adult life, and ultimately start sharing them with your own family and children.

As we are on countdown to our first holiday as Butlins ambassadors, I realised that our family holidays were quite a big thing as kids. We were so lucky that every year we would always take a big summer holiday. We never went away any other time of the year so the middle of August was our family time. When we were younger we always went to Cornwall to the same apartments and these holidays are filled with such joy and happy memories but we definitely had set things that were essential before we went off on our jollies (and that I do now!)

Clean the entire house

Literally scrub from top to bottom. Holidays and Christmas are the two times that I really go to town on the tidying and both are completely pointless! The house stays tidy whilst you are away but the second you are back its consumed by mountains and mountains of laundry and suitcases that will be lying around half empty for weeks.

New holiday clothes

Oh you simply cannot go away without buying new clothes to go away with. I don’t let the kids wear them until we get there and ever the optimist I get tshirts and shorts – come on sun!


This was my favourite part of holiday shopping as a kid – buying dinky little holiday toiletries. Nowadays with 5 of us to buy for, they aren’t so dinky but I still love stocking up. 

Map book

Yes we have moved on 20+ years since we went away as kids but I still find myself putting an old school A to Z in – just in case. You can’t always trust sat navs eh?!

Magazines and comics

Oh yes. I’ll be packing the kids a comic to read on the journey in the hope that it will keep them amused. My Mom always used to get us a dot to dot book too for on the beach – I literally LOVED them. But it was torture buying them and not being allowed to read them until we were officially enroute!

Only a week to go! What are your holiday routines?!

B xx

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  1. Iris Tilley
    8th August 2016 / 10:46 am

    I always clean the house before I go on holiday I find it a warm welcoming back Hope you had a fab time

  2. 17th August 2016 / 11:58 pm

    Always need to make sure my house is clean before I go on holiday too. It’s nice walking back into a clean house.