Fun Summer Activities

The sun is shining more and more and we are making the most of being able to go outside. It makes such a difference being able to burn off some energy in our garden. Since we moved house last September, we have so much more outdoor space and aren’t far from lots of wooded walks so there’s lots more scope of opportunity for some Fun Summer Activities.

It’s going to be the girls third birthday soon so we are looking at fun things we can get to be able to make the most of being outdoors. Here are a few Fun Summer Activities ideas:


Fun Summer Activities
This is an almost certain. We were given one for Charlie when he was younger but after three house moves, it didn’t make it to this one. It is definitely worth the investment though as they all have so much fun playing in them. I love that there are so many different paints that you can choose from and I’ve created a Pinterest board of my favourite ideas. I think I prefer a wooden one but Tesco sell cheap plastic playhouses for under £50.

Charlie was lucky enough to be sent a Minions scooter last year and has been using it to go to school. I have been thinking about getting the girls a three wheeler each as they will probably be ditching the pushchair in the next 12 months so it will make the walk to school more entertaining.

Charlie is definitely due a new bike. His whilst being completely awesome is looking a bit too small for his ever growing legs. He hasn’t properly been out for rides in a long while so it may be time to try to reintroduce so we can go out together.

Some of his friends have started using heelys which I think look so much fun and I think that Charlie is incredibly intrigued by these as they look like great fun to mix it up when out and about playing with his friends. Prolineskates stock a wide range of heelys along with skateboards and rollerblades which is perfect for his age group.

Mud kitchen

About 18 months ago, the girls had a cheap little kitchen which over time has lost a few doors and looking a bit worse for wear. I’m considering making it into a mud kitchen to go along with their new playhouse. They love getting dirty so this would be their idea of absolute heaven!

I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas of what can get the kids out and about this summer.

B xx

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  1. 25th May 2016 / 12:03 pm

    I love the idea of a mud kitchen….My youngest would love one. They always look like lots of messy fun!