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During the Easter holidays we decided to potty training the twins, so it meant we didn’t venture very far, however saying that the weather wasn’t so great for us but luckily Wicked Uncle has a huge range of presents for kids, so when my three were lucky enough to be sent some it meant Easter became exciting!

We were given a voucher and Charlie, who is 7, decided to chose the Kinetic Sand (£15.95) as he’s seen it on TV and said it looked great fun for everyone. I chose the My first mini greenhouse (£13.95) for the girls (who are almost 3) as I wanted something they could see in front of their eyes to grow to try to understand the process. Finally, Charlie decided for him he would like the Vile Villains Brainbox card game (£10.95) from Horrible Histories which Charlie has really gotten into lately. wicked uncleWe ordered via the website. You can search via age, gender or different categories making it easy for people who may not have children to see what would be age appropriate which I really liked and haven’t seen before. My sister doesn’t have children of her own and always struggles to work out what is “age appropriate” so for her this is perfect! I also liked that Wicked Uncle has a wide range of different and unusual gifts opposed to your bog standard dolls for girls and football for boys. Standard delivery on the site costs £2.95 and we received our parcel the day after ordering.

So that everyone could play together we opened the kinetic sand first. The girls are 3 in June and Charlie is 7 so there’s quite an age difference but they all really enjoyed playing with it. The sand is non stick and doesn’t need water meaning you can use it indoors as wet sand is my idea of hell!

wicked uncle

Everyone had loads of fun playing with it and we used some plastic cutlery to make it even more fun. I would advise that when using the kinetic sand that you put it in some sort of tub because on the table? It gets EVERYWHERE! I have been vacuuming it for days.

Next up was the greenhouse. I liked the idea and concept of the girls having something that they could plant and watch grow so the mini greenhouse was just perfect. Our actual garden needs a lot of work since moving in last September but we have been busy doing the inside out. We planted and watched our cress and sunflowers grow. We were really impressed how quick the cress grew meaning it was good as the girtls may have lost interest otherwise! It was good that they felt a sense of pride towards it and Charlie kept reminding me it needed watering.

wicked uncle

It was great fun and it was good to teach them about how plants need water and sunlight to thrive. We even managed to convince them to try a bit of the cress on their favourite cheese sandwich!

Charlie is a little bit obsessed with the Horrible Histories so the brainbox quiz was perfect. It’s good that it alsohas a educational element to it. I hate to admit that I was flummoxed by some of the famous historical figures but even I was able to learn a bit about them. This game will be perfect for days where they can take games in as it’s one that numerous players can play as it’s fact and reading based, with the added pressure of a timer!

wicked uncle

I was really pleased with what we ordered. The site offers a whole host of toys and gifts which offer something different from what you would usually choose. The site is really simple and well laid out and even comes with a thank you card that the recipient can complete and send back as a thank you; they really have thought of everything!

B xx

Disclosure – we were sent a £40 voucher to use for the products that I have reviewed. All words, opinions and photos are my own

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  1. 26th April 2016 / 9:53 am

    Ahh! Wicked Uncle is brilliant. My girls quite often browse the website. hehehe
    It looks like you had a lot of fun with everything you choose.
    I do like that greenhouse x