Slimming World – Three Months In

I thought I would blog about my journey so far as already I’ve been a Slimming World member for three whole months. 

I decided to join as I needed to break the cycle. I ate way too much of the really wrong stuff. I would binge on crap once the kids were in bed and aside from making me feel really crap, I was always sluggish and tired not to mention so unhappy at the blob that looked back at me. 

So three months into my journey and I have lost two stone and three pounds. I never expected to lose weight this quickly so am delighted. I know many people say it’s lethal to lose it that quickly but I have backed up my Slimming World with running at least twice a week and walking to school. I rarely exercised before January so the two are going hand in hand. 

When I started, I wanted to lose three stone to take me to my honeymoon weight but I think I will probably aim for three and a half so I have a bit of flexibility. 

Many people refer to it as a diet but I can honestly say I never feel like I am on one. I eat pretty much the same meals as I did before and have made some simple changes such as drinking no added sugar squash, lean mince and my snacking on junk has really subsided. I now look forward to having a treat whereas having to have four or five. 

I think if you view it as a diet and feel you are depriving yourself then already you have set negativity in your head which is hard to shift. I also don’t own any scales; I take what I weigh at group as gospel and that in itself is a massive motivator. 

I would also definitely recommend taking measurements as you can quite often have a “none scale victory” when you realise how many inches you’ve lost. For me, when I can zip up a coat or get some jeans over my knees and I used to set my belt to the first notch – now it’s on the fourth! These little things make me realise it really is working. 

We all have our own reasons for wanting to lose weight and I am so very glad I took the first step. Everyone’s journey is different and everyone has a different way of doing things but I’m so happy with mine and am really enjoying the whole process as I never deprive myself and have naughty days but it’s all about balance.

B xx 

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  1. 7th April 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Well done you! That weight loss is fantastic!
    It sounds like it has worked so well for you x