Disney Princess Toddler Dolls Tea Party

Not only on Thursday 21st April is it National Tea Day but our Queen turns the grand old age of 90, so to celebrate, we have been having a tea party ourselves at home with some very very special royal guests.

disney toddler princess dolls

Meet our new friends!
We were sent three Disney Princess Toddler Dolls being Cinderella, Rapunzel and Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The doll measures approximately 15″ and there are a variety of characters to choose from; your little ones royal wishes will come true with a super toddler Princess! The dolls have a Royal Reflection ™ making them feel even more real  and their eyes shine and shimmer with dreams of adventure – so lets have some fun.disney princess toddler dolls
The three Royal Princess dolls each have a RRP of £19.99 and their dresses are decorated in glitter with a scene from their individual fairy-tale. They also have sparkly matching tiaras which have magic jewels incrusted onto them making sure there is no mistaking they are royalty!

disney toddler princess dolls

We were also sent a Princess Sofia Toddler Doll (RRP: £24.99) who comes with a hairbrush and necklace accessory, and to make it all possible, a Sofia The First Tea Set (priced from £15.00) The set which comprises of a fabric play mat, a teapot, two cups, two spoons and four super cute pastries which you can lie out on the fabric mat. It also has a hidden surprise sugar bowl as you can’t have a good cuppa without a sugar cube or two!

dolsThe fabric mat measures approximately 45cm by 32cm and shows you where you lie all your tea party essentials. The girls enjoyed matching the correct item to the correct plate which added another dimension to the party.

The girls loved the whole play aspect and as you can see really got into the party mode. They loved being able to sit their dolls down and giving them “cups of tea” which they had made, stirred and poured themselves. It’s a great role play game where they became the hosts to their guests.


My girls will be three in June and quickly got to grips with the whole concept. The dolls are easy to hold with no small or loose parts. Sofia came with a hairbrush but I would say that the dolls hair quickly became messy with being frequently handled so to keep them tame I’d say to brush the dolls hair regularly to avoid it getting really knotty.

dolliesI think the dolls are good quality and are appealing to all toddlers. I would happily pay £19.99 for one and I think the play mat is perfectly princes at £15 especially given that the mat is fabric and has lots of detail opposed to just a plain mat. The dolls are recommended for ages 3+; my daughters will be 3 in 7 weeks but I think they would have been fine with these from around ages 2 and a half but as they get older, obviously they are more aware of the whole tea party aspect, but for playing they are perfect.

My two have started getting into Disney movies so knew who Cinderella and Ariel are. They also are big Sofia the First fans so these are perfect for any child who is a fan. With the weather getting warmer, a tea set is the perfect idea to be able to take outdoors and I’m sure we will be having many princess picnics in the garden when the sun in shining. I may even let them have real drinks in the cups (if I am feeling brave!)

After our super busy party, the dolls needed a rest so here is them having a well deserved rest. Night Princesses – thanks for a great party! Hope you all enjoy National Tea Day on 21st April, I know we will.

princess toddler disney dolls

B xx

Disclosure – we were sent the dolls and tea set pictured for the purposes of this review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own

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