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My name is Beth and I have a confession… my bathroom is HIDEOUS.

Not just a bit gross, full on vomit! Since buying our first family house after years of renting back in September, my sights have been firmly set on operation ‘bling up bathroom’ Although our bathroom certainly is not for the faint hearted. 

You really need to brace yourself for the shameful secret lurking at the top of our stairs. BEHOLD (or should that be beware?!)bath1

bathroom IMG_5981Yes. That is an old school pull chain full on LAVATORY. The previous owners thought it was quirky – I personally think the word they meant want just plain revolting! Check out the faded mirror patch too on the “interesting” mauve walls.


The tiles themselves are supposed to look 3D with a pebble effect running through the middle, but in reality? They look so dated and so awful, not to mention impossible to clean. Believe me, I have tried!


Hideous right? I can’t believe I have dared to share with the world. Please do not judge me! Our bathroom is by far the most awful room in the house. It really depresses me to see how awful it is in comparison to the other rooms. It’s the one room I dislike spending any time in so the door is usually firmly shut. No one dares use the toilet of doom as it looks so scary! 

We have started saving for a full on gut and renovate project, but may need a little boost. So I decided to come up with a plan… (the shower cap helped me think, obviously)

IMG_5988And realised I may need a little bit of help. So (hopefully)  in step my… IMG_5992

Yes I need my own personal Fairy Bog-Mother to wave her magic wand (definitely not a toilet brush) and give us a helping hand along the way with the cost of a brand spanking new bathroom. So when I found out Tile Mountain were running a blog competition, they became my own Fairy Bog-Mother…well, hopefully!

I have been drooling looking at their website to get some inspiration for the impending renovation and before I knew it I’d lost the best part of an hour surfing! As you can see, the tiles are in absolute desperate need of replacing in my über grot bathroom. They are so tired looking not to mention in really bad state. I am wanting something that isn’t going to date quickly and is simply, sleek and sophisticated. I think the metro classic tiles with black grout tick all these boxes.


white metro tiles from Tile Mountain

They look so funky whilst being a real simple base. With such a small space, it needs something to give a clean airy look and these do the job – plus with a husband who is a whiz at tiling these could be up in no time. I love the idea of black grout as you can see from our current ones, they are difficult to keep clean so look rather grubby so an alternative would be brilliant (and make my life easier!)

For a splash of colour, there are similar tiles to the white metro but in blue which could work if I choose a more seaside/nautical theme.


Saying that, grey is my signature colour. I absolutely love grey – my bedroom and lounge are both grey and it offers such a brilliant neutral colour opposed to your bog standard magnolia. It is such a light but classy colour and I think my bathroom will probably take this colour as it’s base. These greige tiles from Tile Mountain look super luxurious – it’d feel like living in a posh hotel! These also reflect light which is perfect for our small bathroom area; I want to make it feel as large and open as possible opposed to the dank mauve we currently have.


Greige tiles from Tile Mountain

Following with the light grey theme, the velvet range is a mid-range option which has a modern gloss appearance. I love the subtle stripe effect again to give the illusion of a larger room. We currently have a white floor but I love the grey flooring the last two have; I want to go all the same and create a theme opposed to décor.


Velvet range from Tile Mountain

I previously found some gorgeous bathroom items, but as a bonafide online shopping addict I had a nosey at some new fresh accessories to personalise the bathroom when we get our butts in gear.

With three kids, our bathroom always has a splash of quirkiness so this gorgeous pug soap dispenser and holder from Asda are a perfect fun addition. The shower curtain from Dunelm adds a soft and feminine touch and the rubber ducks from Baker Ross – well, who can resist them?!

As a whole, a suite isn’t going to come cheap. We are saving to be able to do it as we want instead of on the cheap and have to replace again in a few years. I love simple white suites that aren’t old school pull lavatory chains like we currently have! I found these suites on the Homebase site which if we buy from them, it’ll give us the added bonus of Nectar points – thrifty and gorgeous hey?

We have been very naughty and started looking at super swish baths and free-standing ones are beyond beautiful! I’m not sure space wise if it would work but there’s no harm in dreaming is there? These two from the Bath Store are simply divine and ooze sophistication.

I am so looking forward to starting our renovations once we have saved the last bit. I’ve already started collating ideas and colour schemes on my Pinterest board so if you want to keep tabs on our project make sure you follow me!

Follow Twinderelmo’s board Bathroom Renovation Ideas on Pinterest.

B xx

This is my entry into the Tile Mountain blog competition which is open until 10th April 2016. Link above to enter.

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  1. 11th April 2016 / 6:23 am

    Come on fairy bog mother come help Beth and her family out! Good luck Beth x

  2. 11th April 2016 / 6:29 am

    How can anyone think one of those loos is a good idea???
    I’d love one of those roll top baths too they’re just so lush!
    Good luck and hope your fairy bog mother grants your wish xxx

  3. Emmy
    11th April 2016 / 7:47 am

    Mountain…please I have to hear about these bathroom garden gravel tiles woes DAILY! Sort her out- for my sake!
    Love the blue metro tiles, nice pop of colour, the brighter the better I fhink

  4. 12th April 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Oh I love those blue tiles, the metro tiles always look so stylish. Good luck with the competition, I can’t even imagine how awful it is to see those pebble tiles everyday, you deserve a bit of sparkle in there! xx

  5. Mary
    19th April 2016 / 9:57 am

    Hey Beth,
    I’m Mary and I was also very depressed of our awful bathroom. Now we have the money and last week we’ve started to renovate it. The most of our new bathroom stuff we’ve bought from bellabathrooms. They have really nice stuff and also some useful furnishing tips.

    Regards, Mary