Polar Loop 2 – An Update

Just before Christmas I wrote about receiving and trying out my Polar Loop 2 tracker. I thought that I would do a bit of an update as to how we are getting on as I’ve been using it for a while now.

polar loop 2

Since starting Slimming World at the start of January this year, I have actively been trying to increase my fitness. I was finding that I’d be getting out of breath just walking upstairs and really wanted to be able to keep up with my kids. Just starting by walking to and back from school a few times a week, I have really noticed a difference whilst increasing my steps on my Polar Loop 2. I have to share with you how ironic it was that I had an inactivity buzz and stamp whilst joining a Slimming World group at the new member chat!! I definitely didn’t acknowledge that inactivity stamp.

Having the Polar Loop 2 has enabled me to see how I am getting on and how active I am. The weather hasn’t been the best so I haven’t walked as much, so using it as an indicator means it gives me an incentive to do a bit extra cleaning (which is always a good thing!) to try to up my activity levels. I have been walking and now even started running so the polar loop 2 is very handy at tracking my steps and also helped me reach my daily goal. I would say that I tried to update my fitness level now I feel that I am no longer at a novice level but whilst I thought it would be simple it did need synching with the desktop not just the mobile app. However, I charge my tracker via the desktop so it wasn’t too much of a pain but something to be aware of.

I have been having a few problems wearing it to bed. I fidget a lot when I’m trying to sleep and constantly tossing and turning, and when doing so I keep knocking the button and inadvertently dazzling myself (and the poor husband) with the light as I do. I would love to be able to lock the screen so it doesn’t flash on if I end up pushing the button by accident. I also am a bit hesitant in regards to the how long I slept as there have been days where I’ve been up numerous times with the girls yet it says I have had seven hours of undisturbed sleep – which I can categorically say I didn’t! The clasp has also loosened so randomly pops open so I do wish there was a more secure was of closing like a watch strap perhaps with holes?

I have used the alarm function which I did via the app. It was really handy and definitely woke me up – even though I do have my own two personal toddler alarm clocks. It’s definitely a handy feature to have if you’re getting up at a set time every day as my phone often dies in the night leaving me alarm-less in the morning which is never good.

It is a great way of motivating you to move. I really like the option which tells you what you need to do to achieve your daily goal. It’s interesting to look at my activity over the weeks. I still am less active of the weekends (no school run or rushing about) but I’ve been trying to change this with a Sunday morning run.


I am currently doing the Couch to Five Kilometre app as a basic way to start running. So far so good but soon I will be trying to run continuously for twenty minutes consecutively which doesn’t sound long but believe me – it will be! I will start using the heart rate monitor as well when I’m running those longer distances. All in all, I’m really glad I have the Polar Loop 2 to use alongside my new fitness and health regime to track my activity and give me another goal to aim for each day.

polar loop 2

Heart Rate Monitor

I am currently running a giveaway to win your very own Polar Loop 2 and heart rate monitor if you haven’t checked it out already then make sure you do! Please check back again in a few weeks with my final update.

B xx

Disclosure – I have been sent the two wristbands and two heart beat monitors (photographed) for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.

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