Polar Loop 2 – Three Months On

I have been doing periodic reviews of the Polar Loop 2 activity band I was sent back in December and three months on, I thought I’d share my final opinions.

polar loop 2

I decided in January that enough was enough and I needed to adopt a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. No longer would evenings be spent bingeing on crisps, fizzy drinks and copious amounts of cheese and bread. Along with the diet side, my fitness levels were shocking. At the grand age of 30, walking to the top of the stairs and being out of breath really was quite shameful so the Polar Loop 2 came at the right time for me.

When we started, it was a real competition between my husband and I to see who could complete their daily goals but since February he has been on a much more manual contract therefore he hasn’t worn his band as much for fear of damaging it when fitting seats and having to get his arms into very small spaces for fixing. I still wear mine but have had a few issues with it popping open randomly which has sometimes resulted in me taking it off in case I lost it when playing at the park with the kids. 

As a whole, I have enjoyed being able to track my fitness. I have rejoined the gym and been doing the couch to 5k app which saw me go from struggling to run for one minute to running for 25 minutes consecutively. It has been good to log my steps somewhere and has been a good motivator to just move more.

polar loop 2

One of my initial thoughts when I first received the band was a slight worry as it was white. Anything white in my house doesn’t stay that colour long! However, three months down the line, the white band is still white despite many sweaty runs and gym sessions! It being waterproof is also handy as I can wear it in the shower and also when caught inadvertently in the rain on many runs (I think I’m cursed!)

This is the first time I’ve ever tested or owned a fitness band. Overall, I have enjoyed using the product despite a few apprehensions about its accuracy. It gives you a realistic target that you can personalise to your own fitness level. Being able to have it as an app on your phone also enables you to check progress far easier. For the price, I think it’s a neat and swish looking bit of kit which gives you a variety of options to check your progress. As I have mentioned before I do wish there was a lock button, as I have stopped wearing it to bed as it dazzles me as I’m such a fidget and end up pressing the button and illuminating the room!

I will continue to use my Polar Loop 2 as my fitness journey progresses and hopefully continues throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out my giveaway to win a Polar Loop 2 and heartrate monitor worth £150.

B xx

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  1. Lisa Mcalley
    24th November 2016 / 9:08 pm

    The people I know have all struggled with slimming world and only one had made it work for her. I know many of similar places are always looking for their next staff member or someone who has lost slot of weight to boost their client base. A friend was in sw for a few months and lost minimal weight so she left and altered her diet by herself and exercised daily and got to her target weight but sw hounded her wanting her to be their slimmer of the year and model for their adverts.