Why Two Year Olds Are AWESOME

“Double trouble”
“Twice the work”
“Gruesome twosome”
“Terrible twos”

Yes, having twins really allows people to wheel out all the double act clichés and let them walk away thinking they are HILARIOUS all whilst I grit my teeth and grin as I’ve already heard them ten times today, but having two toddlers that are two? Wow, folk can really go to town! But honestly? The terrible twos time two scared the bejesus out of me. That and potty training (which we will not mention) oh and chicken pox. I am blocking those out. But the terrible twos are the notorious age where your children overnight become little monsters. Well I’m very lucky – I’ve had it since about 13 months, twice over! I know I know aren’t I the lucky one?!

We have some pretty spectacular tantrums, and with a twin you always have a guaranteed audience plus you can gang up on Mommy because she is forever outnumbered and they learned pretty early on they have the upper hand.

Tantrums aside, having two year old twins is actually awesome.
Stop laughing, I mean it! Here’s why:

  • They develop their own hilarious language
    I could listen to them all day. One usually takes on the #role of the parent with a “No you shouldn’t do that because you will hurt yourself” whilst the other comes up with some half arsed excuse. They step in and parent for me – BRILLIANT
  • They become mini fashionistas
    Yes my girls at the grand age of two have decided they want to choose their own outfits. It really should make my life easier but they go a tad loco if I suggest they wear something that actually matches so we sport some very interesting combinations on the school run which always makes everyone smile. At least I hope they are smiling.
  • Life is so carefree
    I just love watching them create games from a simple cardboard box to the moon in the sky or that they find a pen just hilarious. Whilst they can have some awful meltdowns over incredibly silly things, seeing them running free when we go for a walk in the woods makes me realise how ace it was to be two.
  • They’re really building bonds
    My girls are completely and utterly in love with their big brother. The way they gaze at him and how excited they are to pick him up after school. When Charlie decided to join in with their games their little eyes light up. Whilst they have some quarrels, seeing how much they all love each other is heart melting
  • They still love a cuddle
    I really don’t want them to grow out of the cuddle stage. There is usually a baby on my lap 85% of the day (which of course they brawl over!)  as they just love snuggling up which I just adore.
  • They are still at home 24/7
    Don’t get me wrong, there are days where 24 hours seems like a week but I love that they’re still completely mine. They haven’t started nursery or school and our days are ours. Despite having the school run, we still have the freedom to choose what we do. Next September they will start at nursery and our little gang will have to let other children and adults in. I am going to treasure the next 8 months because I know once they’re in the nursery system, it’s strange as there’s a period of time each day where I don’t know what they’ve done, who they’ve played with or been there if they need me.

The terrible twos can be hard. And there are times where they seem never ending, but as I’ve found out, time flies by so fast. The fact they are here let alone almost two and a half baffles me but you will get through it and sometimes we have to look a little harder to see the good through the hard times. Oh and just to let you know, the “threenager” stage is supposed to be even harder. GOOD LUCK!!

B xx

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  1. 4th February 2016 / 11:31 am

    We are in the midst of the terrible twos, and whilst some days are tough, it is nice to see her little character develop. It is actually one if my favourite ages! X

  2. 4th February 2016 / 9:29 pm

    It’s twice the fun….hehehe
    They certainly do seem awesome x