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At the start of January I became the biggest cliche walking and embarked on a losing weight health kick. I started dieting and running and almost six weeks down the line, I’m absolutely thrilled to say I’ve lost one stone two pounds! I set myself a target of losing at least three stone so I’m really happy that I’ve made such a dent.

Losing weight has given me a confidence and already I am starting to fit back into clothes I’ve not worn since having the girls back in 2013. This new found confidence has meant I’m finally starting to diversify my wardrobe – meaning that I am finally ditching the black leggings! They became the only things that fit me and I’ve started wearing jeans again. 

The wonderful side of weight loss is shopping for smaller sizes and I long for the spring where I can wear skinny jeans and gorgeous ballet pumps which I know I will actually be able to do this year, opposed to covering up in baggy tops and elasticised leggings. There are SO many gorgeous jeans out there so here’s a few I’m lusting over and will be treating myself to at my next half stone award. 

 skinny jeans

Clockwise from top:

\\ High waisted skinny ripped jeans from Pretty Little Thing // Levi Jeans high rise skinny jeans, £28.49 from M and M Direct // Light blue distressed skinny jeans from Boohoo //

I absolutely love the ripped and distressed look however I’m thinking I’m possibly a little too old to get away with them?! My husband absolutely swears by Levis so am incredibly tempted by them and the fact that they are high rise means there’s no risk of my jelly belly escaping!

I feel so happy to be able to be searching again for clothes to enjoy and wear and not just to cover and conceal. Expect lots more fashion related posts as I embrace my shrinking frame!

B xx

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  1. 16th February 2016 / 1:43 pm

    Well done with the weight loss! That is fantastic…
    Have a great time shopping for new clothes x