Three Pink Years

21st January 2013. Three years ago today. My expanding unknown twin bump was about to become that little bit more personal.

My husband was adamant from way before we even conceived that he didn’t want to know the gender. He wanted a surprise and I respected his wishes. I’m the complete opposite and like to know so I can plan, organise and know baby that little bit more. 

As soon as we were told we were expecting twins all that changed. Excitement took over and we knew with two that we would want to be able to plan so finding out the gender was a given. As we knew the babies were identical that narrowed it down to two boys or two girls. (Yes there was confusion from people when I said as they still thought we could have one of each!) 

So from 11 weeks onwards the speculation started. I was completely and utterly convinced I was having twin boys. Since having Charlie, I just felt I was destined to be a Mama to boys. I just had a feeling there were two little boys in my belly. Everyone else however, was sure they’d be girls. I should have known really; I was certain Charlie was a girl. I was shocked when they said he was a boy because I felt I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy.

I have always been such a girly girl; I never had male friends and growing up always stuck to girl groups and having an older sister too meant female domination all the way. The concept of boys frankly bamboozled me. My family tree confirmed that almost everyone has girls with the odd boy here and there so I stupidly took it that I’d follow suit. But my Charlie was born and having a boy was utterly wonderful. But from then on in, I knew I’d have a house of boys.

My husband is one of three boys so when we went off for our scan last year I had asked lots of advice about life with boys. In my head my twin boys would be Harry and Jack (my husband did not agree) and already decided which was which. I knew what to do with boys; it was a safe bet.

I will remember walking into that barn for as long as I live. Our appointment was late in the afternoon after we had finished work and Charlie nursery. We went in the van and somehow had gotten lost! The company had an incredibly high correct percentage on sexing babies (something I would always tell people to check instead of the price!!) and had come very highly recommended by friends and family. 

I remember walking in to the most gorgeous barn conversion and chatting with the receptionist. It was only us there and it was such a wonderful experience. We were called into the room and I lay down whilst the boys sat on the sofa next to me. 

Almost instantly she found P2 and said “this one is definitely a little girl”

A warm pang shot straight through my chest as I isn’t quite believe it and didn’t know what to say. She said that the law of odds said that the other was a girl but she would check as well. And yes it was confirmed two little girls. We got to listen to their heartbeats and also see them in 4D. It was just so magical.

I remember walking out and ringing my Mom and screaming down the phone – two girls. Two little girls. And those two little girls are just awesome. It’s been so lovely to experience a son and now daughters. I think Charlie was a bit gutted initially but then realise he wouldn’t have to share his toys so was back to being chuffed! 

I can’t quite believe it has been three years. Such a lovely lovely memory.

B xx

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  1. 21st January 2016 / 9:48 pm

    Aww, what a lovely post, and what a special moment that must have been! Two gorgeous girlies. xxx