Twin Pregnancy Vs Singleton Pregnancy

I have had two pregnancies which resulted in three babies – what a bonus! But the pregnancies could not have been more different. I look back and can’t quite belive what my body has managed to do and what I put it through – and I still give it a hard time! However, the differences between the two pregnancies was just as you would read in a textbook. A complete contrast; here is my (and I stress MY) experiences:

You will probably want to slap me right now – but I had the easiest pregnancy ever with Charlie. I had about two weeks very mild sickness and bar a trapped nerve at 8 months – that was it! Not a stretch mark in sight nor piling on any extra weight. I didn’t really show until around 5 months and absolutely treasured my little bump.

singleton pregnancy

Look at that camera phone! 41 weeks pregnant with C

He was born at 41+2 via emergency C-section but again I was very fortunate that despite a touch of jaundice, both us of were happy and healthy and discharged after 5 days. I was back in my jeans after 10 days with a very well behaved little boy who took to breastfeeding so easily and slept from about 8 weeks. He was just golden. I used to wonder why on earth people used to moan about how hard parenting was… the famous last words!

Somebody somewhere must have heard my thoughts – and decided. she has had this far too easy so in December 2012 we received the news we were expecting identical twins. From that moment on we were given the “high risk” label and I got pretty much every pregnancy symptom going. From killer heartburn and agonising acid, to constant sick and nausea to the dreaded itching of cholestasis – you name it, I probably had it. However I was so incredibly lucky that I carried the girls to exactly 37 weeks so they weren’t classed as premature and both born healthy with really good weights. It’s easy to presume that my pregnancies were stereotypical but realistically all pregnancies are different, whether they be singletons or multiples.

One thing I can’t ever explain to anyone is the uncomfortableness of carrying two babies. P1 was 6lbs and P2 a massive 7lbs1. Anyone who has had a six pound baby will know how heavy and uncomfortable it is with one rolling around, punching and kicking you – imagine having another sound pounder in there too! My skin was stretched to absolute maximum capacity and it was so painful with the itching but you take it all as I was blessed with two healthy children at the end of it. I massively struggled to find pretty and affordable maternity clothes to fit me towards the end of the pregnancy as I was just HUGE which is never anything I bargained for, as I thought clothes would just stretch, along with living in flip flops because of my puffy feet.

My God my mirror and camera needed a good clean! 35 weeks with the girls

Looking back on my pregnancies, that even though I did have a tough time with the twins I was fortunate that my sickness and nausea subsided around 20 weeks which is a blessing as I don’t know how I could have coped with the extreme fatigue alongside being sick all the time. I look back at photos of my mammoth bump and can’t quite believe I ever carried two babies in there. It was also so high that at times it really did look like a football under my top. For every moan I had, I would do it again in a heartbeat but I’m pretty sure that sadly that day will now never come. I have my perfect family and know there are so many others, including some dear dear friends, that don’t get to be in my position.

B xx

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  1. 3rd January 2016 / 8:33 pm

    Wow, that is some bump you have with the twins! I had quite an easy pregnancy with O, and although this one has been a little bit harder (more headaches and the tiredness has been off the scale) it could still be a lot worse. I probably shouldn’t say that, there’s still time for it to get tougher! xx