Big Sigh

We all do those don’t we? The massive ones that the last tiny morsel of energy is exhaled in that sighing breath.

I’ve been doing that a lot this week. This week? Two and a half year old twins have beaten me.

Tantrums, crying, arguing, shouting, fighting, hideously disturbed sleep, stand offs at school run time, refusal to get into the pushchair/car seat, stubborn wills, wars at tea time… They have all taken their toll. The pinnacle of defeat was in the car park as it chucked it with rained as I struggled desperately to get one daughter to stop being a human ironing board and actually sit into her seat. 15 minutes. 15 minutes of asking, pleading, bribing, begging, shouting and then crying (her not me) all to strap her in for a five minute drive home.

I could wallow. Quite easily. Woe is me… Twins are so hard… No one understands me mannnnn. Instead – I have vowed today will be different.

January is crap we all know that. Stuck indoors cabin fever is setting in and it’s not their fault they are bored and frustrated. It’s time I stepped up and faced my fears. Taking them out can be daunting. Really daunting and bloody hard trying to follow two wild kiddies charging around a soft play zone in opposite directions but it’s what we need.

I have a solo date with Charlie for the weekend as he’s doing so well at school with his reading and spelling that he deserved a treat. I think I need to do it with the girls. Today I’ll bite the bullet and break the boredom.

And hopefully the only big sigh will be my aching bones!

B xx

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  1. 29th January 2016 / 10:05 pm

    Oh dear! What a week. Sending big hugs!
    Have a great weekend, hopefully with no tantrums. x

  2. 1st February 2016 / 7:50 am

    Oh bless you honey. It is so hard when the weather is bad and you can’t do much with them. I hope that you did manage to venture out and that there weren’t any tantrums. And I hope you had a lovely time with Charlie at the weekend. Hugs Lucy xxxx