Scooter Tips & Tricks

It’s Charlie’s birthday tomorrow and he will be the grand age of seven. The staple items that most seven year olds seem to own are:

  1. Lego
  2. Footballs
  3. Scooters

Charlie had his first scooter in the summer and loves to toot along to school on it. They’re so popular that the school have a designated scooter store area where the kids can keep them safe during the school day. Charlie is still learning and just has a very basic model but I’m anticipating that he will probably in the future ask for a more able scooter.

The wonderful folk at Halfords have put together these handy tips for buying a scooter, and for your little scooter fans there are some awesome tricks for them to try out. scootertricks

Absolute hats off to anyone who can manage a tail whip; I think going in a straight line for more than three seconds would be a challenge for me!

B xx

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post 

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