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Having recently turned 30, I have really started to look at my life and lifestyle. I know that since having had my twins I have become less active due to time, lack of energy and logistics of being on my own with two crazy toddlers. I have been looking for a slow introduction to encourage me to get more active and I was really excited to be sent two Polar Loop 2 activity tracker bracelets along with two heart rate monitors. My husband is also wanting to start being a bit more healthy so he agreed to take a three month trial with me.


The Polar Loop 2, in short, is the new, stylish and waterproof activity tracker that makes you move. This elegant wristband tracks your daily activity and even monitors your sleep. Loop 2 motivates and guides you towards better fitness and health. We were sent a black and white band, but it is also available in pink. IMG_5566

IMG_5566After years of research, Polar have devised a method that sets you an individual daily activity goal which isn’t just based on how many steps you take. The Activity Goal on the Polar Loop 2 is customized to your personal details and choice of activity level, and it fills up during the day based on the amount and intensity of your activity. There are five intensity levels:

    • Resting – Sleep and laying down
    • Sitting – Sitting and other passive activities
    • Low – Standing, light housework
    • Medium – Walking and other medium intensity activities
    • High – Running, jogging and other intensive activities

I used this video which helped me get started and setting it up:

We both have iphones so downloaded the mobile app on our phones which is linked via bluetooth and to also put in all our details desktop version (weight, height, age etc) which calculated what level we would be operating at. Before wearing them, we had to charge them which took about 15 minutes via a USB cable which is included. You can adjust the length of the band – this helpful video shows you how to:


When you press the button on the band it gives you different categories to check which are time, steps, activity and calories. The activity options shows you how much of your “activity bar” you have filled up. Low to high intensity movement fill up your activity bar so you can easily see how much progress you’re making. It will then suggest you what you can do to reach your goal (e.g. 30 minutes walking, 15 minutes running ) which is a great motivation to push yourself that little bit further. If you reach your goal for the day, you get a mini celebration on screen which is always a nice feeling.

If you have been inactivate for 55 minutes, the band will vibrate and tell you to move it! It’s easy to lose track of time so it’s a handy reminder to break up periods of sitting down. My favourite aspect so far has been that it automatically tracks your sleep time and the quality of sleep you have had (restful and restless sleep). This has been GREAT to compare with my husband and definitely has given me the upper hand when getting the coveted weekend lie in!! All jokes aside, it really has made me feel better as I constantly feel tired and despite going to bed at a reasonable hour, it’s now made me realise how much restless sleep I get so it’s put my mind at rest and helped me understand why I often wake up feeling so shattered.

polar loop 2

Screen shot from my mobile app

The Polar Loop also vibrates and notifies you about incoming calls, messages and calendar reminders, but I haven’t got round to yet setting it up. I also haven’t yet used to heart rate monitors as I am planning on doing the old cliché and joining the gym in the New Year so am going to use it there when I am doing more strenuous activity.

I have been surprised how active I am in the day just pottering aroiund the house. I guess life with twins really is as hectic as people say. I definitely notice a drop in my steps at the weekend when my husband is home and we don’t walk to and back from school. At the weekends, we tend to take the car when going out and about. It has been incredibly insightful and has definitely made me want to be more active (just so I can beat my husband at the end of the day when we compare!!)

The Polar Loop 2 costs £94.50 which for the range of things it does is a really good price and very competitive with other ones I have seen on the market. I will be tracking my progress over the next 3 months so keep your eyes peeled.

B xx

Disclosure – I have been sent the two wristbands and two heart beat monitors (photographed) for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.

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  1. 11th December 2015 / 10:20 pm

    Ohhhh I look forward to seeing how you get on, I was looking at these kinds ofthings early on in the year. Cant wait to see what you eventually think at the end of it.