My 2015 Bucket List – Revisited

Last New Years Eve, I wrote and published this post outlining goals for the year. It also prompted me to start my own monthly linky, but I thought it would be nice to look back at my yearly list and see how I did.

1) Stay in a posh hotel in London for my 30th – it wasn’t quite a hotel, but we had a weekend in a gorgeous log cabin which was gorgeous. There was a hot tub, whirlpool Jacuzzi bath and even a sauna in the cabin! It was just beautiful and I loved visiting the Cotswolds.
2) Go to the cinema as a family – Nope. There is no way the girls would sit still for that long! Maybe towards the end of next year!
3) Visit Peppa Pig World again – yes! We visited in July and the girls loved it. It was just as wonderful as I remembered.
4) Go to the seaside – we did this as above. Spent a lovely day on the beach in Bournemouth and also visited back at Easter on our holiday to Bluestone in Wales.
5) Look after ME – not really! I did get a haircut – back in June. Ooops.
6) Spend more 1 on 1 time with each child – sort of. The girls still seem a bit lost without each other but we took Charlie to London in August overnight so he really benefitted from time away from the girls as he often has to wait.
7) Lose weight! I did so well earlier in the year but I lost motivation. 2016 will be my year!
8) Go to more bloggy things – I went to Tots 100 BlogCamp in Birmingham again in April and also BritMums in London. I have booked to go to Blog On next May but that’s it. I’m not all that sure it’s for me.
9) Make the Top 250 of Tots 100 – I am so proud to ay this month not only did I crack the top 250 – I am ranked number 81. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever get into the top 100. It will NEVER happen again but I need to share the fact for 30 days – I was in there!
10) Learn how to use my camera – I booked onto a course but it got cancelled. I really need to seek another local one out.

Smaller things I’d like to achieve:
-Go out for more meals – I think December alone I’ve cracked that! But I have enjoyed some lovely meals with friends over this year too.
-Visit the library more and read books that don’t have Mr Tumble or Iggle Piggle in – fail!
-Go to a big professional firework display – fail! We didn’t even go to one as the school was cancelled and we sat in the car for another. Oops.
-Throw a Halloween party – we had just moved house so that’s my excuse!
-Bake a cake from scratch – moving on…
-Make more of an effort with my appearance – a tad. I’m trying to move out of life in leggings, it’s a start!
-Donate to the food bank – I have but it’s only open for like an hour a week making it a nightmare to do so.
-Spend more alone time with my hub – we got my birthday weekend away so I’ll be savouring that for a while.
-Sort out my garden and plant more flowers – I did, but we moved! Next spring we will be able to sort our new house one out.

So there we have it. 2015 – a mixed bag but I never thought we would own our own house so that for me is the biggest achievement possible.

B xx

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  1. Mrs H
    30th December 2015 / 10:26 pm

    Wow, honey, I am so happy that you are number 81 in Tots. That is amazing and so deserved. Your blog is fabulous and I know how hard you work on it. I really hope you are continuing your monthly bucket list linky in 2016. I will really aim to join in more as it is one of my favourite linkys but I am pretty hopeless at blogging consistently. Hugs Lucy xxxx