Boxing Day; The New Christmas Day

With just ten yes TEN days until Christmas Day, the excitement/panic/stress is so very nearly upon us. 25th December – a date from a very early age that is ingrained into your brain. The most magical and exciting day of the whole year. But is it?


You see as I’ve gotten older, I think Boxing Day is the day to look forward to. No I’ve not gone a bit loco; here’s why

  1. The pressure is off. Yes you’ve hacked all the meat off the bones of your turkey, all the presents were safely delivered under the tree and no one cares if they great aunt Gladys had her carrots sliced not chopped. On Boxing Day it’s all about casual fun. You stick a load of food on the dining table and label it a buffet – everyone goes wild for a buffet and all you have to do is open the lids. Get paper plates and your life is made.
  2. Everyone has a lie in. As a parent of two year old twins even I struggle to believe this but technically, if you’re lay in bed watching CBeebies adverts it’s still a lie in. You don’t have to rush downstairs to see if Santa has been. Life is in 4th gear. 
  3. You can chill. You’ve probably got most of the family meet and greets out the way (that’s what Christmas Eve is for) so Boxing Day can be a complete slob fest. Despite that extra helping of turkey and box of celebrations you stuffed to yourself, you still have standards – and that’s why you asked for a pair of (elasticated) festive pjs. This is mandatory Boxing Day uniform. You’re simply not allowed to get dressed. 
  4. TV is better. Yes the kids films are usually better in Boxing Day plus you actually get to watch the tv instead of 12 people crammed round a 6 person table in the kitchen. Which doesn’t have a ruddy tv.
  5. You have loads of presents to fawn over. Whether they are yours or the kids – life is always more fun when there’s new shiny stuff to look at. Christmas Day is usually spent building bikes and Lego. Boxing Day it’s all about playing with it.
  6. Naps are acceptable. As you were so busy hosting on the 25th,  you can blame the stress of Christmas Day and nap to your hearts content – just make sure the kids get the memo. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but I’m much more looking forward to Boxing Day where life is laid back. And selection boxes are half price!

Merry Christmas all

B xx

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