Top Tips for a Luxurious Winter

Although winter can be a magical season with the Christmas holidays as well as the fun prospects of building a snowman, it can also provide a few issues when it comes to making sure that everyone is cosy and comfortable.
This is because the winter months can unfortunately deliver us with the unpleasant prospects of chilly mornings, long and dark nights, as well as the extremely unwelcome potential for a badly-timed power cut!

So whilst there is there is still a little bit of warmth left in the days, I thought that it would be a good idea to have a quick look over my home and see how I can make sure it’s prepared for the chilly winter months.

The first thing I did was to make sure that I’d blocked up any unwelcome draughts under doors and in the cracks around the windows. It’s thought that draught-proofing our homes could save us up to £50 per year, and this can simply be done with some self-adhesive foam strips to make sure that your family don’t feel the winter chills.

One of the hardest things about winter is the early mornings. Although it’s easy enough to set a thermostat to provide a little warmth before we get up, having a shower with a slightly damp towel is something that is never enjoyable! That’s why I’ve been investigating some quick and simple bathroom solutions so that I never suffer a soggy towel again and one of Verismart’s towel radiators looks to be the right kind of thing as they look to be easy to install, and fairly discreet too.

Another issue I find hard to contend with in winter is the absence of natural light. There’s a horrible feeling about going to work in the dark, and then coming back home in the dark. And the negative health effects of lack of natural light have led me to try out some natural light light-bulbs that are a little more expensive than normal, but seem to be doing a good job of keeping me sane!

There are also a few fun aesthetic touches that we can all use in our homes to make sure we add a little luxury to our winter. These include indulging in some lovely soft furnishings to add an extra element of cosiness. Simply draping a few tartan throws around your living room and lighting a few candles is the perfect way to make a winter evening a little more magical. And just to make sure that the kids are occupied, be sure to help them add to the extravagance by showing them how to make some wonderfully whimsical winter craft items.

B xx

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  1. 12th November 2015 / 10:17 am

    Throws, candles, twinkly lights and snuggles all make winter for me! x