Brick 2015

We visited Brick 2015 on Sunday which was held for four days at the NEC in Birmingham.

Charlie is a HUGE Lego fan and we were very lucky to be offered the chance to go along and see what it’s all about. Brick 2015 is running for the second year after huge demands and I didn’t tell Charlie where we were going until we arrived and it’s safe to say he was blown away.

We arrived about an hour after it opened and there was no queue to get in. You are given a map which gives you an overview of all the stands, where they are and also a list of times where the live shows will be. We had a walk around to see what was about. There are lots of brick pits filled with just one colour Lego which for me was very attractive as it looked so pretty. Charlie wanted to head up to the Minecraft area as he’s a huge fan. There were so many fabulous Minecraft Lego creations that people had made.


Charlie was really thrilled when he saw that the tables are literally filled with Lego giving you free reign to build whatever you want. We spent a good 45 minutes here (I would loved to have seen some chairs nearby for flagging parents to sit down on!) but it was really good fun.

There was a Toys R Us area selling Lego which got incredibly busy with people queuing to get into this area so we didn’t go in. There was also a very long queue for the stand selling personalised Lego – the man told us it was an hour and a half wait so again we didn’t wait. I think it for had a VIP pass you would head for that stand early on the second or third day to make sure you are near the front as it looked so good. There were loads of brilliant stands selling some really amazing stuff. I loved the prints especially this Father Ted one.

IMG_5303 IMG_5302

I loved some of the bigger statues such as the Iron Man which was HUGE! Charlie is just getting into Harry Potter so he was really excited to see Hagrid. I can’t even imagine how many Lego pieces it takes to build them not to mention time.

There was a live show hosted by Matt Johnson which one of the Lego team gave an insight as to how he became a professional Lego builder. He also chatted about how a caravan they had made had taken 6 months with 10 people working on it. He also said that he would like to build a full size London red double decker – so watch this space! There was also a Brick-Off where kids had to build a tall tower in 2 minutes which Charlie really enjoyed cheering along.

There were loads of models from Star Wars, to football stadiums, to the Titanic to a full on rave – it was easy to forget that all of these had been handmade and were completely made out of tiny Lego bricks. There was a Duplo area for smaller children along with a dance zone where smaller tots were bopping along.

The afternoon it did seem to get a lot busier, but that’s to be expected as Lego is so popular. We headed down to the gaming area but it was so busy and all the PS4 were in heavy use and no-one seemed to be budging anytime soon. We also got a free poster here which now takes pride of place on Charlie’s bedroom door.

There was so much to see and do that we both really enjoyed it. I would have liked to have possibly seen a few more freebies as the tickets are quite expensive that I would like a little figure to take home as a memento. I would definitely take a look at the live shows as it’s nice to break up the day (and have a sit down!)

I’ve made this short vlog from our day which was so much fun.

The next event in London running from 11th December until 13th December with a Christmas theme – giving you a very Merry BRICKmas. Tickets are on sale now; if you’re looking for an extra special trip you can upgrade to a VIP ticket meaning you will get access to all days along, including entry an hour early for the preview on the first day, with a VIP lanyard and ticket, a goody bag, VIP entrance and access to the VIP areas. It’s a must for any Lego fans and a great early Christmas present!

B xx

Disclosure – we were given complimentary entrance in exchange for this honest review. All words, options, photos and video are my own

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  1. 3rd November 2015 / 10:20 am

    Looks super – no wonder it was a hit! Harry or Lottie aren’t quite into Lego just yet – but I am sure it won’t be long. Looks like a greta day out for the family. Jess xx

  2. 3rd November 2015 / 11:29 am

    Oh wow! What a fantastic day out….My girls are crazy about Lego.