Snazaroo Halloween Face Paints

It’s only been the last couple of years that Charlie has really gotten into the whole Halloween thing. This year he knew what he wanted to dress up as and was really excited looking at all the decorations.

As a kid I loved Halloween although it was on a much smaller scale but my Moms best friend always threw a party where all the kids and adults dressed up so we really enjoyed it and I have vivid memories of my amazing cat face paint washing off as I bobbed for apples.

We have been sent some face paints and face paint sticks, spooky stencils and special FX kit which included a cool gel blood from the guys at Snazaroo to try out.

IMG_5257  Now I will put it out there – I’ve never done face paint in any capacity (I can barely do my make up!) so it was literally my first ever time, and of course as Charlie is dressing up as a vampire he wanted his face painting as one.

I started by putting the white paint on with a sponge them dabbing black circles around his eyes and attempting to get his eyebrows into a scary triangle. I used the red stick for his lips and finished with the gel blood. I struggled a bit with the face paint sticks and found the paint dabbed on with the sponge the easiest to use.


It’s by no means perfect but he was absolutely thrilled! He then asked if he could paint me which of course I had to agree to – who doesn’t want a 6 year old set loose on their face with face paint?!


Charlie painted me green and then we tried the witch stencil on my face which he stuck on himself and dabbed in orange for maximum Halloween effect. The stencils are reusable and will be great for when the girls get bigger they too can have one and join in the fun.


He then drew me black lips to look extra scary – what do you think?!


The special FX kit also comes with a wax to create a gory “cut” that you can fill with blood. This was petty easy to do and fooled my Dad who asked what I had done! It freaked Charlie out a bit so I may not do one on my face – not for a few years anyway!

IMG_5275Snazaroo deliver worldwide and don’t just sell Halloween face paints; thy do animal kits, tattoos, stamps and lots of colours and brushes to help out. They ship worldwide and prices are really reasonable. There are lots of hints and tutorials on the site too – which I definitely think I need to swot up on for Saturday. With a  bit of practise he will be ready to rival Dracula, keep your eyes peeled on Instagram . Happy Halloween guys!

B xx

Disclaimer – we were sent the products photographed in exchange for this review. All words, opinions and photos are my own

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