So You’re Having Twins?

First of all – wow. You are about to embark on the craziest, scariest, most daunting journey your life will ever take. I bet your head is spinning after seeing two blobs on your scan sending you into complete shock; that’s normal. I found out we were having twins on 11th December 2012 and believe me, the shock of twins despite being around me 24/7 has not waned!

After the shock comes utter exhilaration “I can’t believe I’m having twins” is a phrase that you will blurt out to complete strangers. In time this will be replaced by “I can’t believe I had twins” And I don’t ever think I will. It is so incredibly exciting the thought of being doubly blessed and get to be part of a very special exclusive club and that’s just awesome. Well done you!

Sadly, the unbridled excitement shifts a little to make way for nerves. Google is not your friend. It will scare the holy crap out of you and put you on edge for your pregnancy. Google convinced me my pregnancy would be a risky one and my babies would be tiny and premature (all of which I know can happen but didn’t, and I struggled to read a positive twin pregnancy and birth article!) Nerves are to be expected. I mean you’ve been transformed from regular run of the mill pregnant lady to a VIPP (very important pregnant person!) who gets scans every couple of weeks, oodles more appointments not to mention priority for your own room post birth. It can seem all a bit overwhelming as everyone has to point out that carrying twins brings more complications but whilst some do, just as some singleton pregnancies do, not all do!

I guess I’m trying to say to you – don’t assume that your babies are going to be poorly. I was pretty much terrified throughout my entire 37 weeks of pregnancy with my identical twin girls but I just wish I had read a positive piece; for some reassurance that I wasn’t going to deliver at 28 weeks to babies that would spend months in hospital.

I was incredibly lucky that my pregnancy was pretty straight forward. Of course the symptoms were exacerbated (hello all day sickness and nausea from 6 week) but as a whole I was able to get about. I was never bed bound or unable to get around – we went for a posh meal the night before my scheduled c-section which I had opted for quite early on as my son was birth via emergency section so for me it was a no brainer.

pregnant with identical twins

I still had a month to go here!

I had a positive birth experience where I was booked in theatre for 9am (and made it there on time) and my girls were delivered at 37 weeks on the nose within 1 minute of each other. P1 came into the world at 9.27am weighing 6lbs and P2 just one minute later at 9.28am weighing 7lbs1 showing that twins aren’t always these tiny little creatures!

Of course not all twin pregnancies and births are like this, but nor are “normal” pregnancies. But it just goes to show every pregnancy is different – multiples or not.

Everyone will try to give you advice “I’d put them on the bottle” “wake them both up to feed” “you’ll have to put them in their own cots” so without sticking my oar in I will share this with you – TRUST YOUR¬†INSTINCT. You cannot forward plan with babies; with all the will in the world that you want a water birth or to breastfeed if baby(ies) decide otherwise then you’ll have to go with them. They may be dinky but man they are a force to be reckoned with!

Have a loose idea but wait until they’re here to see what they are like because believe me you cannot predict what they will be like. My girls are genetically identical but when they were little they were complete opposites with their sleeping and feeding options and just as you thought you’d got them sussed? They’d swap over!

Take it from me – twins are just amazing. Yes, they are hard work – but what newborn isn’t? All the worries swirling around amongst the pregnancy hormones about “how do I hold two babies at once?” And “how will I be able to tell them apart?” will all be a distant dream in the first few days of them being here. You’ll be amazed at his quickly you adapt and become a complete pro – even when you feel a bit of a crap Parent.

The newborn days fly by and before you know it you have toddlers running around. I don’t ever feel like my girls were babies!

So hold tight, get the nappies on standby and prepare to have the absolute time of your life. Twin life rules.

pregnant with identical twins
B xx

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  1. 23rd October 2015 / 9:56 pm

    I love this post. It’s so great to hear some positivity about having twins rather than just shock and hard work! Love the photo of you too – I remember that like it was yesterday x

  2. Harline parkin
    17th January 2017 / 4:15 am

    I’m a twin I remember a picture of my mum when she was carrying us she was huge they say double trouble but the difference between us such different characters but we get on well and I wouldn’t be without her

  3. 4th March 2017 / 8:19 pm

    omg i would of loved to have twin. your so lucky.

  4. Louise Crocker
    10th April 2017 / 8:10 am

    Wow, you carried for 37 weeks. That’s amazing!. It’s actually the first positive story that I have read.