My Very Tall Boy

“Is he really only six?”

“Wow he’s so tall for his age”

“I thought he was at least 8 or 9”

These are the comments we get on a regular basis when people chat to my boy. He is only 6 yet is incredibly long and lean. It’s no surprise to us as my Dad is 6ft3 and I myself am 5ft7 so being tall was always in the genes. But as C gets older, him looking much older is starting to have quite a few negatives.

For a start clothing is incredibly expensive and nigh on impossible to buy. Although this isn’t too bad, it can be a minefield when people buy him clothes or just being able to order anything online. We usually now are ordering age 9/10 clothes but his football shirt is an age 13!!! Buying trousers can be a nightmare as he needs long leg length but an elasticated waist as he’s so skinny along with being so tall. I don’t think he has one pair that properly fit him!

If C decides to have a bit of a wobbly  or starts acting up, people look at him wondering why this child is acting like this as they think he should have grown out of it by now.

The thing that bugs me more is when I take him into the ladies toilets or swimming changing rooms. At 6, I would personally not allow him to go into the male toilets or changing alone – he seems far too young to me. But when I take him into the ladies, people do a double take when he walks in like he shouldn’t be there as he is too old and it makes me sad.

It’s almost as if there’s an unrealistic expectations of him and that he never gets to enjoy being his age as he’s always thought of as that little bit older. I’m sure when he gets older being taller is going to work in his favour and I’m sure he will tower over me but I do wish people weren’t so quick to presume – he’s just a kid after all!

B xx

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