How To Move House With Twins

How to move house with twins? DON’T!

Yes, we are currently mid-move and it’s proving nigh on impossible. For every one thing I pack away, they manage to unpack at least 5. Chasing your tail would be a complete understatement as I attempt to do anything when they are on the prowl.


The last time we moved house they were six months old but safely stored away in my belly; which also proved amazing for me as I didn’t have to lift a finger! I would definitely recommend anyone to move house when they are pregnant as you can do very little which is perfect. All I had to do as ensure that the sofa and kettle were the first things in the new house and life was good!

So this time around it’s payback – big time! Just something as simple as taking a few boxes to the new house which is only a few minutes down the road turns into a mammoth task. I have definitely aged about 10 years in the past few weeks – and we haven’t actually properly and officially moved yet!!!


MY advice to any other crazy person who is planning to move when they have two year old toddlers besides DON’T DO IT;

  1. Pay someone else to do it
  2. If you aren’t loaded, rope in every single person you know to help
  3. Befriend people with vans to also help
  4. Try to co-inside the move with your pregnancy – believe me, it’s a breeze
  5. Stock up on booze
  6. Film the process so in a few years time when you contemplate moving you will remember the pain and never do it again

B xx

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  1. 19th September 2015 / 8:52 pm

    I can only imagine! Our last move was when Tin Box Tot just turned one. She had no idea what was happening so we didn’t need to explain much about it and we packed her off to her grandparents on the day of the actual move. Packing was done in the evenings – we weren’t moving far so we did everything ourselves. We are going to have tomorrow again soon and I am not looking forward to it. Good luck!! X

    • 21st September 2015 / 8:42 am

      we moved last year… the girls were 3 at the time- my husband took them out a few times over weekends and somehow I managed to pack most of our stuff during these times (and some stuff during naps which were already waning then…)