We are on the countdown to official move day so both houses are currently in a state of chaos. I have started giving the new house a good clean before we move in just to make sure everything is in good condition before we unload and set up home. However our current house is absolute mayhem what with boxes, binbags, stuff lurking under beds and cupboards not to mention the odd (loads) of cobwebs. It’s safe to say I appear to have become a full time cleaner, I eat, sleep and dream of scrubbing and dusting – which for someone who massively dislikes cleaning  means that I’m struggling!

Usually I’m a bit of a surface cleaner; I make sure all the work tops are sprayed, wipes and polished and hoover pretty much everyday (usually at least twice after the girls snack time) but I never really go for a deep clean which I know isn’t the best way to do it but I simply just don’t have time. I do like to give the house a good sort out at Christmas and just before we go on holiday but day to day I would say I spend around 30 minutes doing all the household chores. The girls don’t seem like taking naps this past few weeks making cleaning time even more far and few between.

I flat out refuse to do cleaning on a weekend when the kids are in bed as my husband and I spend so little time together s he works away all week that come 7pm we just want to chill and relax together

We only have a 3 bedroom semi so I can’t imagine anything bigger. The folks at Karcher clean loads of high profile monuments.

I reckon to clean The Space Needle in Seattle, USA would take at least 9 hours straight. What do you reckon? They have a fun quiz on their website and see how good your geography and places are – I’m too embarrassed to share my score!!

B xx

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  1. 22nd September 2015 / 5:28 pm

    I’m a surface cleaner just like you, too. I would get crazy with a house move, though! Best of luck with it x