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September has landed and whilst I’ve waved off my little person to school, many other parents are about to wave off their big babies to university. Whilst we are a way off Charlie flying the nest there will be students up and down the country preparing to spread their wings for the first time.

Uni accommodation can be very basic and with student budgets notoriously cash strapped I’ve pulled together some beautiful budget buys to brighten up student halls and make it as homely as possible with the help of the wonderful HomeSense.

You can discover gorgeous items at affordable prices – the most amazing part, all of the items below are under a fiver each!!!


1) Planner

Seeing as you’re about to start uni – probably the right time to get organised! You are going to need to be places at a certain time, deadlines that need to be met not to mention a social calendar so a planner to get you sorted is a great start! The gorgeous monochrome colour is very chic and bang on trend.

2) Alarm clock

Like above, you are going to need something to rely on to get you up on the morning! This gorgeous retro clock is guaranteed to do the job – and hopefully wake the rest of the house up too!!

3) Grey basket

Perfect storage for all your books and pens, or opt to jazz up your kitchen or toilet with this stylish basket. It has so many uses and so effortlessly cool. 

4) Knitted cushion

The the colder weather looming it’s always lovely to snuggle up to a knitted cushion – maybe it will remind you of being at home.

5) Faux pot plant

Let’s face it – you want a pretty house but aren’t likely to remember to be watering a plant so this faux pot plant is the perfect replacement for a real one. Impress your parents by making them think you’re totally mature and can make the plant last all year – just don’t let them touch it!!

HomeSense is such a treasure trove of absolute bargains, why not pop into your local one and discover some gorgeous individual pieces to make your uni halls more homely this September.

B xx

This post is written in collaboration with HomeSense

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  1. betony bennett
    8th September 2015 / 12:12 pm

    I loved this post!! Although we are not quite there yet, it’s only a couple of years before my eldest goes off to uni!! 🙁