You Know You Have Twin Girls When…

Two bundles of pink – how utterly blessed I am! After having a son, I could not believe it when I found out I would have not just one daughter but two! Fast forward two years and I’m a lot greyer, have the biggest eye bags and am exhausted 24/7 but I still can’t quite believe that I have twins. And not just twins, twin GIRLS!

After having a male dominated household that was turned on its head with the 2:1 boy ratio going to a 3:2 majority I’ve learned a few things about twin girls. Sure there’s a gazillion things I still have no clue about but you know you have twin girls when:

    1. You have hair clips EVERYWHERE except in their actual hair. Move over Lego, there’s a new dead cert to clog up the hoover. Honestly I found one wedged in the middle of a toilet roll. I swear they multiply and God forbid if you step on an open one…!
    2. Girls can really squeal. I didn’t know that my ears could tolerate such a high pitched decibel.

  1. They fight. A lot. “The bond between twins is magical” yes it is, but not so twinkly and magical when they’re yanking each other’s hair.
  2. They don’t like to share. You would think that creating the ultimate bond and developing together in the womb and having the same identical DNA that these girls would be used to sharing by now… NOPE!
  3. You quite simply have to buy two of everything otherwise you’ll descend into ours misery. Don’t scrimp and think you can get away with one (did you not read number 4?!) Honestly, they will have a gladiator style scrap if you only get one. However, they’ll still fight over something even if they have the exact same. Therefore – you’re screwed either way.
  4. You know those people who winced when you told them you were having two girls? Maybe I shouldn’t have scoffed so much. Everyone I told who had boys seemed incredibly jealous, everyone who had girls recoiled in horror. I’m starting to see why…
  5. They really can be little madams. Charlie was such a laid back little chap but wow girls are demanding little creatures! If I don’t get it instantly there will be hell to pay. And there’s more of them than you – remember that! 
  6. You have two heads of hair to wash/comb/tame. Bath time with twins who have long hair is borderline torture. Or so they would have your neighbours believe as they wail bloodcurdling screams as you attempt to wash the remnants of spaghetti bolognaise  and yogurt out of their luscious locks.
  7. They try to outdo each other with affection. It’s almost a competition to see who can shower me with the most love – and probably who is quickest to nab the coveted sit on Mommys lap spot.
  8. You find yourself daydreaming about their future. I always longed for a daughter so that I could hopefully have a relationship with my girl like I had with my Mom. From spa days to wedding days, cake and coffee to babies and birthday suits. But my real wish? Is that they have twins so that they can understand the crazy world of raising two babies!!

Twin girls? Crazy, tiring, insane… But bloody awesome.

B xx

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  1. amanda davis
    9th August 2015 / 8:35 am

    Hahahaha I had twins but luckly was 1 boy and one girl I now have 2 boys and 1 girl, the boys are so easy and laid back but she is a propa drama queen and she’s only 7 I am dreading the teenage years lol and you have 2 my heart goes out to you stay strong haha

  2. 11th August 2015 / 7:53 pm

    I only have the one toddler girl and she is bloody hard work, hats off to you for making having two and making it look so easy! Totally agree about hair clips they get everywhere! xx

  3. Danielle
    27th August 2015 / 5:07 pm

    I have 8 month old identical twin girls and find this awesome and hilarious at the same time. I know some of this is coming. great read.