NF Adventure Farm – JCB Style

We first visited the National Forest Adventure Farm last summer and we absolutely loved it. We went back at Halloween too and had a blast so we decided to go back again this summer and we had the maze on our minds!

So what’s new? The theme of the park this summer is JCB which was perfect for Charlie. There is a new driving area filled with JCB ride ones which are suitable for a variety of ages which was handy for the girls. There’s also a sand area with little diggers which my three absolutely loved!



Charlie’s favourite area was where he got to “build a wall” which was with sand but he got in to it with his hard hat and hi-vis vest and with a Dad who is handy with bricks, he was given the thumbs up!

NF Adventure farm IMG_4578[1]We had to try the maze, it’s an iconic part of the farm and the girls are now 2 and are more mobile so we were able to finally tackle the maze albeit the mini one but it was so much fun! There are lots of little numbers that help you along the way and they had so much run running and shouting when they found a dead end!

kids maze

We did it at last!

IMG_4592[1] As it is the summer, there was pig and sheep racing which drew a crowd. We all picked our colours and cheered on our favourites and Charlie was very happy his won both times! There are still al the lovely animals to walk round and look at. You can buy food to feed certain ones too which is available from the entrance.

If it’s a hot day – bring your swimsuits as there’s a water fight area where you can get seriously wet! This is next to the park which has also now had a JCB bouncy castle inflatable by the park.

You can find out all about the farm and what’s coming up including Spud Fest and Halloween Spooktacular. We have always had such a great time and with plenty of parking, activities for hot or wet days, animals, rides and their legendary maze what’s not to love! Admission prices start from

B xx

Disclaimer – we were given entrance to the park in exchange for this post. All words, photos and opinions are my own

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