Bedroom Curtains

We are still waiting all the paperwork to be finalised before getting the keys, so in short – I’m in the dreamy stage where we aren’t up to our ears in boxes and I’m mentally planning out each room and colour schemes and eyeing up new furniture.

Last summer we bought new IKEA Pax wardrobes which are black to match our black leather bed. My favourite Marilyn Monroe print too is black and white in a black frame so you can see where I’m going colour scheme wise can’t you?!

I absolutely love monochrome and a black and white bedroom to me is incredibly timeless and classic and that is the theme I am wanting for my bedroom. With this in mind, I’ve been looking into curtains as bedroom furnishing is pretty much sorted. I’ve chosen four black and white styles which are all quite different but all equally gorgeous!

Clockwise left to right
Very. Wayfair. Dunelm Mill. Yorkshire Linen.  

I am wanting full length curtains but with a house that will need curtains, I am not wanting to spend too much. I love the Very style as they are very girly but my only concern may be that they let too much light in as I previously had a pair of light curtains which did just this! The Wayfair ones are just stunning and would help make the room appear bigger. They are fully lined which is always a plus so that they keep the heat in and ensure the room is darker. They are also on offer at the moment which is very tempting! The Dunelm Mill curtains certainly make a statement and they do a range of matching products which would be handy to co ordinate the room. I love the breaks between them which give them a gorgeous chic style. The Yorkshire Linen are possibly my favourite as they are very pretty in a faux silk material not to mention cheap as prices for this style start at just £19.99! I love that you can also order a swatch which I may do to get an idea before purchasing.

All this idea hunting is getting me incredibly excited for the coming months!

B xx

Disclaimer – this is a collaborative post

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