Fathers Day BBQ

As soon as the weather turns warm, my husband will be busy unveiling the barbecue and ready for a summer of sizzling sausages! We ready on our third of a very sparse weather front but he can’t help himself!

This was his first mini bbq and it was FREEZING


For him, a top notch barbecue is top of his agenda and he absolutely loves standing at the helm proudly showing what he can do! He guards the barbie with his life and God forbid anyone dare try to take over – he is not impressed!

For this Fathers Day I am sure he would love all new BBQ utensils. At the girls birthday a couple of weeks ago, he was so busy prepping the meat that he forgot to give his tongs a good scrubbing and they’re looking a bit shabby to be fair! I know how much he prides himself on putting on a great spread so all this latest gadgets would make him feel even more like a Superhero BBQ legend!

My husband works ever so hard so fingers crossed on Sunday evening we can crack out the BBQ and let him cook to his hearts content!

B xx

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