Twin Pushchairs

I have previously blogged about things that I found essential during when having twins but only last week did I realise just how precious having our pushchair has been.

When the girls were born we had a large bulky travel system which was brilliant as they could lie flat as tiny babies and the system also had the ability to clip the car seats onto the frame which coupled with car seat bases made the school run SO much simpler. But as they grew we knew we would need a stroller which was more lightweight and less bulky. I have to admit I absolutely LOVED shopping around for ours and seeing what was out there on the market.

When choosing ours, there were a few features I really felt I wanted:

  1. Easy to collapse/put up
  2. Large basket
  3. Side by side that would fit through a normal doorway
  4. Lightweight

For me it being lightweight was an essential as having two hefty toddlers in it was enough let alone the stroller itself weighing a tonne!

I think most twin parents would have the same list as me. I know from experience you can’t get anywhere in a hurry with twins but having a pushchair that is super easy to put up and collapse gives you an extra few minutes which for any parent is golden!

I think the “side by side” or “one in front of the other” style is definitely a personal preference. For me I never wanted one child to be stuck facing the back of the others head plus I love that them being side by side they can both see everything that is going on along with being able to see each other if they want.

It was surprising how narrow side by side strollers are. I thought they were going to be huge and I’d be getting wedged in doorways but most we tested were slim without compromising on seat size.

Pushchairs can be so expensive to buy so I viewed it as an investment that from they would use it for a good two years pretty much every day so I’m happy to pay a little bit more to ensure the quality outweights and I get value for money along with a gorgeous looking stroller for my girlies!

Always check out any extras and if they cost extra. We had to pay extra for our footmuffs which during the winter were an absolute godsend as with two wriggly ladies there’s no chance of them keeping a blanket over their lap! Rain covers too sometimes are extra but are definitely worth buying.

We love our stroller and a year in and it’s still going strong!

B xx

Thanks to Tesco for the inspiration behind this post

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