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I remember this time two years ago being a few weeks away from meeting the two inhabitants of my womb who had caused an absolute riot during pregnancy but the heartburn, cholestatis, tiredness and huge lump I was carrying around seemed far less difficult than what I would be faced with in September – school runs. Yes two 3 month old babies and a rather hyper 4 year old needing to be dropped off and picked in a certain place for a certain time ten times a week; it was quite a scary prospect!

Fast forward two years and school runs have become less manic and we have it down to a fine art as to exactly which minute we need to leave the house to ensure we aren’t late. 

Usually the weather will dictate if we walk or drive. We live just over a mile from school but there’s some busy roads and steep hills so I have to admit we often take the lazy way of driving but as the weather improves we walk more and more. 


Walks to school are usually a very lovely occasion. The girls love to take in their surroundings and love barking at dogs they see and chirping at birds in the sky. Whilst the girls are chattering to themselves Charlie and I love playing our alphabet game. We try to spot something that matches the right letter in the hope that we have found 26 things all lettered a-z by the time we arrive at school (X is usually a bit of a cheat!!) 

Charlie loves this game and we recently have started adding the guess the colour game of cars which he loves too. It is always him who instigated the quiz which is so nice for him to want to participate and get involved. 

I love us as a family getting some fresh air and exercise and avoiding all the stress of driving and trying to find somewhere suitable to park. Come 9am it’s time to drop him off and I have the walk home with the girls which I try to get them involved in the colour car game but have less success!

It’s a nice chilled way to start what can be a hectic morning and makes me thankful for living where we live and that we can walk to school together if we wish. I love being able to have a relaxed stroll with my 3 babies as I’m blessed to be a stay at home parent. I know that for many these what appear to be everyday and somewhat mundane tasks aren’t possible for them. 

I cannot imagine what it must be like to lose a child, devastated seems such an understated word. Nothing would ever be able to prepare you and I can ever envisage life resembling any sort of ‘normal’ afterwards. Heather Tilley is a Family Support and Bereavement Counsellor for Shooting Star Chase which is a  children’s hospice charity who care for children in the London and Surrey area. Heather has over 10 years of experience helping families to accept and deal with the diagnosis of a child who has a life limiting condition.

Parents often tell Heather that they carry a huge burden of guilt alongside their grief so as time passes since their loss, it can be helpful to find new ways to remember their loved one. The Sunrise Walk is a poignant, but positive way to commemorate a child who has died whilst helping raise much-needed funds for this wonderful charity to be able to keep providing a lifeline for other parents who are in the awful position of having to cope and adapt to life  after the loss of a child.

The walk takes place on Sunday 31st May 2015 at the beautiful location of Ham House near Richmond, Surrey and starts with lighting a paper lantern to remember a loved one. The walk is in it’s third year and has so far attracted over 500 walkers who have raised an impressive £85,000. In 2015 they are looking for 300 walkers and are aiming to raise over £40,000.

There are 3 routes to choose from and anyone can take part – whether you’re an experienced walker or you just enjoy a stroll with your family and friends why not sign up and help out this amazing charity? All the details can be found on their website:


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  1. 20th May 2015 / 9:43 am

    I’ve taken part in various walks over the years for charities and to support the bereaved – it’s a wonderful way to remember, to share support and a tranquil activity. Thanks for sharing x