The Perils Of Sharing a Bedroom

I only have one sister so growing up I was very lucky that I never had to share a bedroom. I had my own space to fill with all my toys, my walls were mine to adorn with posters of Ronan Keating and Matt from Busted (I know, I know lets just skirt over it) and I could sleep for as long as I liked – hurrah!

But when we found out I was expecting twins we automatically presumed they’d share. I mean surely two of exactly the same age and sex are the perfect fit for sharing right? Well my friends, I’m now starting to wonder. Already sharing a bedroom has moments of perilous danger such as:

1) Flying toys. Yes the girls have mastered the art of launching their toys into the air and flinging them like missiles into their sisters cot. P1 is rather obsessed with her pandas but I’m starting to find these more and more in P2s cot after an air strike! Luckily it’s soft toys at the moment.

I’m hoping and praying in temper in years to come they aren’t lobbing shoes and handbags at each other instead…

2) Your own screaming alarm clock. Despite being identical twins these girls are anything but! There’s always one that thinks they’re a cockerel with an early morning wake up that is destined to wake sleeping beauty who is a few metres away. There’s no lie ins when you’re room sharing unless you master the art of being able to sleep through a small hurricane which is often what a toddler is like at 6am.

3) Bunk bed wars.  

I’m sure when they get older I will look into bunk beds purely to utilise and maximise floor space. I’m now totally getting the whole double trouble thing as you really do have double the crap to try to find a home for in just one room. Christmas and birthdays will now result in me crying in a corner whilst plotting how to bin a load of old toys they don’t play with anymore but also how to get rid without them hysterically crying whilst tightly gripping a broken manky McDonalds toy that they’re professing their love for.

But bunk beds really are where battle lines are drawn – who will get the coveted top bunk. It’s such a novelty sleeping UP IN THE AIR that normal height beds do not cut it. So I’m totally ready for world war 3 when this day comes – jealous much?

4) They keep each other UP. Yes whilst they have no chance of a lie in, they will exhaust themselves further by chuntering away in bed. I’m dreading the day we release them from the shackles of a cot and they can roam the room like wild beasts – they will get every single toy (which we will have two of each!) out whilst playing until the wee hours. Two grumpy girls who go to bed late and wake each other up at silly o clock? That sounds like LOTS of fun.

5) Play dates and boyfriends. How the hell can you ever have YOUR friend over to play? Do you tell your sister she’s not allowed on her OWN bedroom? And does said friend realise the politics that they are only allowed to play with things marked P1 otherwise it’ll descend into arguments where all I hear is MOMMMMMMMM and I am drawn into the ugly dispute. On the upside there’ll never be any boys staying over which will please their Dad no end.

6) The desperation to keep them in their cots. A lot of my friends with kids of the same age are making the jump to tiddler beds – I look at them rather bewildered. Can you imagine trying to get them BOTH to sleep at THE SAME TIME when they are free from the shackles and confines of a cot?! It’s a recipe for disaster and makes my blood run cold at the thought. I have a feeling I will go in and everything will be pulled out of the wardrobes and they will have smuggled in a rogue felt tip no doubt because that’s one of the few rooms that hasn’t been treated to P1 & P2 graffiti..!

So my final conclusion on the girls sharing a room for the foreseeable?WE NEED TO MOVE TO A FOUR BEDROOMED HOUSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

B xx

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  1. 16th April 2015 / 8:44 am

    hahaha It sounds like lot of fun at bedtime in your house.
    My girls recently chose to go back to sharing a room….They like the company.
    We went through the arguments about the top bun a good few years ago. My eldest won. I just didn’t trust my youngest 3 at the time sleeping high up. lol

  2. 16th April 2015 / 3:46 pm

    Oh heck, I hear you! We always have one that wakes the other one and one that chats at night to the other shouting “ARE YOU ASLEEP YET?”. I have to say, moving to beds traumatised me too, but it’s not been terrible. Obvs would prefer them in cots until 18 or 19 years old but alas..

  3. 21st April 2015 / 6:30 pm

    I love this post! There is 18 months between my sister and I and growing up we used to share, used to be hell! We shared all through our early teens and we used to hate each others music and posters! My poor mum used to put up with a lot from us! We look back on it now and laugh about it, although her Peter Andre posters still haunt me! xx