Pocket Money Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is creeping up on us and my husband is now starting to drop subtle hints about what I would like. All the shops are now filled with flowers, chocolate, bubble bath, wine etc but I like to think outside the box and I prefer a quirky little gift that has thought, meaning and a bt of fun behind it.

I used to love saving up my pocket money as a child to save up for gifts for my family; I think it’s important to teach your children the value of money and whilst they save up hard for things they want that they also should be willing to splash out a little on their nearest and dearest. With this in mind I have compiled a gift guide for pocket money kids with a little lot of help from Charlie as he said that I would like all of these (and probably him!) and the best part of the ones featured here? They’re all under £10 at Hawkins Bazaar! Clockwise (starting top left)  

1) Fossil Dinosaur Poo Dig Kit (£8.00)
I think kids would find this absolutely hilarious to buy for their Mom – I know Charlie would love this and I’d actually love to “dig” with him. Charlie + poo = hysterical! Remember the Dinosaur who Pooped The Past…?!

2) Terrible Prank Kit (£4.99)
I am a bit of a kid at heart and would love playing pranks on my husband with Charlie. A great affordable gift that a young child would definitely love to buy!!!

3) Coin Counting Piggy Bank (£4.98)
We currently have an old sweet jar for saving our loose change and it can be quite a laborious task counting it out to change into notes so this would be a fab gift to help speed up the process whilst looking rather cute. I think it’d also help out with Charlie’s math skills so a present for us all.

4) Cookie Monster Mug (£7.00)
I like my own mug that only I use and as a fan of Sesame Street (look at the blog name!) I think the Cookie Monster mug would be fantastic. A mug is always a great gift as it’s always going to get used. It’s a bit more for kids to buy but with three of them they could all club together.


boo the dog

It really is the cutest dog in the world

This is my absolute favourite – and is only £3.99! It’s a cute little dog tin with Boo who is the cutest dog in the world. My heart wants to explode looking at his beautiful little face. I desperately need this in my life!!!! There is also a My Little Pony one which is a bit more expensive but just as gorgeous.

As you may have guessed I don’t go in for the stereotypical “Mum” presents. Which one would you choose?

B xx

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  1. ashleigh allan
    3rd March 2015 / 5:13 pm

    Love the pig bank!

  2. 3rd March 2015 / 8:54 pm

    Me want cookie

  3. Abigail Cullen
    4th March 2015 / 6:52 am

    Love the cookie mug and fossil dig kit, very unusual.

  4. Heather Macklin
    4th March 2015 / 7:44 pm

    Some great ideas to suggest to my kids – but I don’t think they’ll buy me the prank set in case I use it on them!