Child Free Night

I have just come back from a 24 hour child free day and night – eeeek!

We sat and thought about it and we haven’t spend a night together alone since our honeymoon which was almost 2 and a half YEARS ago! I hadn’t left the girls overnight before or for this long before so it as a tad daunting I have to say but we decided to just go to Birmingham which is an hour away so we weren’t too far.

We spend Saturday afternoon shopping, but of course we ended up buying loads for the kids! The Disney Store was well and truly raided. I realised when we were there how I really need to stop feeling so bloody guilty for leaving the kids. We also headed off to Jekyll and Hyde for some fantabulous weird and wonderful cocktails; that place is amazing!


MMMMM!! Sweets + alcohol = YES


When we go for a meal (which is probably once every 3 months if that) we always go after we have put them to bed so to really take a complete break is pretty rare. It was bizarre as the most simple of things we realised we never do – holding hands! Our hands are usually preoccupied with little palms or pushing the pushchair so we never ever walk anywhere holding hands anymore.

You forget what it is like to just be a couple, not to mention how simple it is to go strolling around without a double pram trying to squeeze into tiny spaces. We had a lovely hotel and dmy husband surprised me by booking us a suite so it was lovely to have a spot of luxury to relax in. Despite grnd plans for going out for a meal most of he places had 2 hour waits so you know what we did – ordered room service, sat and chatted together. It was just lovely.

I don’t expect we will get to do it for a long time again but I know that I can do it and the kids absolutely loved it. Infact Charlie didn’t want to come home he had that much fun!¬ A break definitely has done us the world of good and I didn’t feel bad for leaving them as I need to remember – I need to be ME and we need to be US sometimes as our marriage is just as important as being parents.

R2D2 suitcase

The coolest suitcase ever. I -may- have made my husband buy Charlie one…



A solo time allocated free silent bath – mid morning!! I forgot these existed



Where’s the bacon?! (There was LOADS don’t worry)




This was the best I could do. It’s cropped as little kids kept running in the shot





New jumper alert



Here’s a few snaps but I leant my camera to my sister who is off to Iceland and my phone died when we were there & no charger so excuse my husbands rather rubbish phone pictures!

B xx

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  1. 2nd March 2015 / 9:14 am

    How lovely to get a night away. We’ve just been saying we need a bit more us time, going to make hubby treat me to a night in a fancy hotel! xx

  2. ashleigh allan
    2nd March 2015 / 9:41 am

    Looks like a good break – the drinks look great!

  3. 2nd March 2015 / 9:52 am

    Oh how perfect does that sound hon…I’m so glad you had such a lovely time!xx

  4. 2nd March 2015 / 6:04 pm

    Fabulous! And in my home city, too – we spend a fair bit of time in that Disney store! And I’m actually able to read this without a twinge of jealousy, as we have our first weekend away since having the kids planned for this very weekend, so I will get to do these things, too. Glad you enjoyed it x

  5. charlotte qualter
    2nd March 2015 / 6:56 pm

    have not been away with my hubby for a over a year well over due. Its so nice to be parnters for a few hrs days rather than mummy and daddy reafirms who you are and why you love each other x.

  6. Abigail Cullen
    6th March 2015 / 7:11 am

    Looks like you had a great time, what a well deserved break for the both of you after 2 and a half years.