My Sweet Natured Son

Charlie has always been just…a lovely child. Don’t get me wrong he has his moments and loves to answer me back but as a whole he’s a really good lad. Since having the twins his gentle caring side has shown even more so.

I did worry if he may become jealous and resentful. He was 4 and a half when the girls were born so that was a long time of it just being him. One baby coming in and taking all the limelight is hard but with two it was such a massive shakeup to our family dynamic to jump from 1 to 3 but as always, he sailed along not flinching as these two little girls entered the fold. He would always be asking to help whether it be getting wipes and nappies or gently rubbing their backs. He was just amazing. And still is – even when they’re grabbing at his lego!

However, it is starting to worry me a tad that his sweet kind nature may become a slight hindrance as he gets older. He has started playing football; he absolutely loves it! Every Monday in our house is all about football after school which he waits all week for. But since this new found football craze he has started coming home filthy head to toe. His new football mates are a bit more rough and tumble and play times now together seem to be much more boisterous. He came home twice last week saying that his “friends” had pushed him in the mud “by accident” He had soaking wet mud stained pants (it was definitely mud!) that he had sat in all afternoon which made me so sad to think of him being uncomfortable.
He can sometimes be a little naive as I said games which involve pushing each other over in mud aren’t really nice and he just said “oh it was an accident” which it could well be but twice in a few days to me seems a bit strange.

I know boys will be boys and as they get older they start getting wilder and their games get rougher but I can’t help but wonder if his nice nature may result in him being taken advantage of and ultimately picked on because he won’t push them back or say horrible things.
I would much rather him be the way he is than be the one doing the pushing but I hate the thought of people seeing him as an easy target.

Do you think I’m overreacting?!
B xx

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  1. 13th February 2015 / 10:09 am

    Oh this is tough… I would worry too, being sweet natured in this world is a rare thing and people often don’t appreciate that. I guess, if he seems ok then it’s ok. But if he gets quiet and hides away, something might be up. All kids are different though, so tough to know. Sorry this is a bit rambling and not remotely helpful! xx

  2. 13th February 2015 / 11:07 am

    I worked in a nursery for 6 months and it is true that some children are most boisterous than others; as long as he is kind hearted and doesn’t take the wilder behavior of others to heart, than I’m sure your little one will grow into a proper sweet gentleman!

  3. 13th February 2015 / 11:15 am

    Aww! Bless him! He sounds a sweetheart!
    It must be hard with him being so nice and kind….

  4. 13th February 2015 / 1:58 pm

    He sounds lovely and a real credit to you. I’d say at this stage, as he seems fine with it and still his usual self, it’s OK. Sweet natured doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be easily pushed around either. he can be kind but still know right from wrong, so may well assert himself. Perhaps worth just a mention to his teacher if it’s worrying you? Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. 13th February 2015 / 4:21 pm

    No you are not overacting. It is our duty to worry about our kids and maybe you should look into this further and see if your theory is right. Just so you know what really is going on. Wont hurt to investigate further me thinks. #wotw