Solo Time

Twin (noun) one of two children or animals born at the same birth. Something containing or consisting of two matching or corresponding parts

Ok so we all know what a twin is but with approximately 2% of the worlds population being twins not many of us really know what it’s like to actually BE a twin.

My girls pretty much all their time together. They nap at the same time, they sleep next to each other, they wake up next to each other, they play together, they share baths and have their meals side by side at the same time. With my husband working away this is just the way it is as I don’t have the space or time tinge able to do everything singularly.

However yesterday I decided that as my husband had a rare day off that I would take P2 (who woke first) out to my friends house for a drink & play with her little boy and it was quite fascinating.

P2 is by far the crazier of all my children. She has no fear and the cheekiest look I’ve ever seen a child have. She is full of energy and is like a little whirlwind but on Monday she was a total different beast.
She stood at the door and would not go in. When I tried to walk with her she flat out refused. After much coaxing she did go into the playroom and started to relax a bit. About 10-15 minutes later I went to grab my drink and she cried her eyes out until I returned.

You may think it was because she was in unfamiliar territory but she sees my friends & her son every day on the school run and we have been there to play before too so she knew where she was. In places we’ve never been before she’s never usually bothered anyway which made it even more unusual. Did she really feel that lonely and not as brave without her sister at her side?

It would certainly suggest so as I even had to take her to the toilet with me! Is this bravado all a front? Does her sister give her an extra boost of confidence?

It was all fascinating to see. And definitely makes me wonder if we should try to do it more often to make sure they’re as comfortable apart as they are together.

It always makes me wonder what type of relationship they will have in the future. Yet another exciting thing to look forward to in the wacky, wild and wonderful world of twins!

B xx

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