Pen Pals

Charlie was incredibly excited this week as he received a letter. I remember when I was little the intense excitement when I got some post addressed to me. I felt so grown up and loved reading letters. This led to when I was a bit older to trawl through ceefax to find penpals to write to and I have to admit a few of them I wrote to for years!!

One of my wonderful twitter friends has a boy around the same age as Charlie and suggested that they write to each other and what a wonderful idea!

Charlie is 6 in a couple of months and his reading and writing is really good but sometimes he’s not all that easy to engage so I’m always trying to think of new ways and this is a perfect idea! It will not only be super exciting but it also will improve his reading and writing. 

Such a simple idea but for him – so exciting! Which reminds me – we best get cracking on his reply!
B xx
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