Does Fat Equal Funny?

So “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” has started for it’s 13th (I know, 13!) series and as I usually do with the bigger of the reality shows I watch the opening episode to see who is going in and if it’s going to be worth tuning in for the next few weeks.

I’m a Celeb always has the added lure of Ant & Dec; I blimmin love them! For me they are the main reason I actually watch – hilarious. But this year I’m actually astounded by the sheer brutality of hate being thrown towards one contestant purely because of her weight.

Before it had even aired Gemma Collins was trending on Twitter and just a quick click on this topic revealed sheer vile and utter venom aimed at her.

gemma collins

Photos of hippos, whales, blimps – you name it, it was there all in the hilarious name of “banter”. People with “hilarious” tweets saying how she won’t be able to cope with no food and betting on how much weight she will lose on rations. It made for quite shocking reading if I’m honest. I rarely click trending topics on twitter so have never witnessed such an outpouring of bile that refreshed every 30 seconds to reveal more and more.

Now I have watched The Only Way Is Essex (the show which gave Gemma the ‘celebrity’ title) and have seen her in what is described as reality and have my own opinion on her but never would I imagine the torrent of abuse about someone’s body.

Are we still living in a society which it’s ok to ridicule someone for their weight? The hippo joke memes dragged out yet again for another ignorant airing. If it was about someone’s gender, race or disability would it be Ok? No because it’s perceived as HER fault. Maybe she’s happy with the way she looks. She has her own plus size range so certainly isn’t shying away from the fact she’s not your usual stick thin model type.

The irony of it all being in anti-bullying week too! I will be muting the hashtag in twitter as I don’t want to read such an evil backlash against her. This post kinda makes me sound like a die hard GC fan – I’m not at all. I don’t even think I’d call myself a fan but I don’t think that fat equals funny and as she’s gone on this show she’s “fair game”as someone so eloquently put it as they trolled her personal account. How celebrities go on twitter I will never know. People could literally take anything out of context and sometimes for doing nothing a torrent of abuse is aimed at them in 140 characters.

Having two daughters it really worries me that if you don’t fit into the tall, skinny supermodel type then they may be picked on. I don’t want them to live in a society that you are judged by your looks and dress size before even opening your mouth.

Why don’t we celebrate people in this country instead of always taking the negatives first? Maybe then we would all be happier in our own skins.
Just a thought

B xx

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  1. becky
    17th November 2014 / 9:36 am

    Great post Beth. It was(is) absolubtly disgusting the way people are attacking her. Your right it wouldn’t be stood for if it was race etc.

  2. 17th November 2014 / 7:20 pm

    Great post….I have only seen a little of the vile that was directed to Gemma Collins….Disgusting! I pulled someone up on Facebook last night…Posted about Anit Bullying week then 10 minutes later had a go about Gemma Collins….I think they actually unfriended me. Oops.

  3. Donna
    20th November 2014 / 11:08 pm

    I think people see it as ok because it’s behind a computer screen, not to her face. It’s not right though – if they want to think it, fair enough but saying it to her, even across the web is wrong, rude and awful x

  4. Heledd @ yummyblogger
    21st November 2014 / 5:03 pm

    Well said Beth! I’m fed of people being nasty full stop – people seem to think it’s acceptable to be sexist, racist and weight-ist all the name of ‘banter’ like you said… I don’t like the way things are going in this country!xx