Does Coke Equal Christmas?

“Holidays are coming”

Now. Before we start, I realise the title mildly infers drug use at Christmas (let’s hope to god that no one finds this blog post in a google search of “top ways to get off your tits at Christmas”) But what I actually mean are adverts now the benchmark of when Christmas begins?

Facebook has been littered with statuses screaming “Just seen the coke ad, it’s officially Christmas” You can almost hear the loft door being unlocked and the Christmas tree and festive tat being dragged down the stairs. And all this because “Holidays are coming”

When did Christmas become defined by adverts? The John Lewis advert was released last week to a mass hysteria of stock piling £95 Monty the Penguin stuffed animals (slightly baffled by the price tag but I so need one!)


Christmas used to start in December. Opening that number one door on your advent calendar signified to me that yes – this thing is ON. You knew that it wasn’t all that far away. You didn’t have to walk into a card shop a week after breaking up for the summer six weeks holiday to find racks and racks of Christmas cards IN JULY. The December build up was so exciting and yes Christmas adverts were pumping out on loop the same toy or annoying sofa discount adverts (some things never change?!) but it was December so it was allowed.

But with companies all vying to be top dog with the Christmas advert- some even rumoured to cost £1 million to make – does a 60 second advert really encapsulate Christmas? Is it really the true tolling of the Christmas bell and set the presidente for people all over the UK to get the green light on the festive season?

For me – I love Christmas adverts. I totally want a Monty and a bit of cheesy schmaltz never hurt anyone right? But to me it’s just part of the build up and early November is too early for the Christmas bug to set in. And I certainly could never ever imagine sticking up all the snazzy decs and tree now. The thought of having it having round for almost 2 months makes feel a tad nauseous.
For me December is when it all starts. And in all honesty? You can forget your adverts – I’d much prefer a bit of snow come 24th December!
B xx

Ps – please send me a Monty. I promise to love him forever and ever.

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  1. 10th November 2014 / 1:46 pm

    I’m usually really against Christmas starting in November but this year I’m starting to get a little bit excited. Maybe it’s because it feels like it’s the first year my little boy is going to “get” it so I want to make the most of every minute.
    But saying that our tree is never up before mid December and that’s when Christmas officially starts for us xx

  2. Donna
    10th November 2014 / 2:02 pm

    My tree will be up 1st December and I will be full steam ahead until Xmas, I love it all and I do get tingles of Xmas excitement not but I can’t get THAT excited, because it’s November! x

  3. 10th November 2014 / 5:58 pm

    *holds up hands* I’m one of those people that just loves Christmas! I love everything about it. But I must admit, the Christmas adverts are getting a little OTT…

  4. 10th November 2014 / 8:03 pm

    I RUDDY LOVE CHRISTMAS AND WOULD START IT IN OCTOBER! But I am aware this makes me a fool – wahoo on the front page xxxxx

  5. Leigh - Headspace Perspective
    10th November 2014 / 8:16 pm

    Totally agree – Christmas starts far too early. If I had my way, Christmas ads would be banned until December 1. Bah humbug! I do think it’s silly that so much about Christmas is defined by these Coke and John Lewis ads. Personally I don’t get it but I know I’m in the minority! Xx

  6. 10th November 2014 / 8:42 pm

    Btw no idea why the above comment got linked up to a totally random website…must be Christmas gremlins punishing me 😉 xx

  7. Ickle Pickle
    10th November 2014 / 8:58 pm

    It may be because I am now just 2, and this is my first Christmas where I understand a little of what is going on, but we have started our Christmas celebrations, and are SO excited. The launch of many adverts – including THAT one – holidays are coming – this weekend have added to our excitement. The change in weather has made us feel Christmassy too. We are all planning a family Christmas where being together, enjoying simple things will be more important than tons or presents x

  8. janet humphrey
    20th April 2015 / 12:18 pm

    Love the Monty advert this year, hope it comes again for 2015