Two Year Ago

Ah today marks two years since I found out I was pregnant. I thought I’d share the story with you; 

I was incredibly lucky to conceive the girls so quickly. I stopped taking the pill a week before my wedding as I knew what dates everything would fall. I checked before we went away what dates I would ovulate and it was the first day of our honeymoon!! It was such a fantastic honeymoon I can’t say that it was all geared around to conception and two weeks after we came back I was due for my period. I tested on the Monday I was due on – negative. 

I don’t know why but there was something in the back of my mind that didn’t think it was right. So I decided on the Wednesday to test again this time with a clear blue – and I sat in the bathroom I looked down and saw the magical word appear – pregnant. I always remember this massive grin spreading across my face. I was utterly ecstatic. 

My husband wasn’t due home for hours and I desperately needed to tell someone so jumped in the car with Charlie and zoomed round to my Moms. I told her to close her eyes and handed her the test. She too was absolute thrilled!!! She kept saying I needed to tell DH. So I rang my husband to ask when he would be back but said he needed to go to his Moms so I said I’d meet him there. 

When we got there I acted so cool and calm and when he said he was going for a shower I saw my chance. I slipped the test into his clean jeans pocket. About 10 minutes later I heard him calling me to see him in tears! We then shared the news with all those closest to us and then it was a long wait until our scan. And we all know what our 12 week scan brought…..!!!

Two years have utterly flown by. Happy positive test day girlies – our honeymoon twins. 

B xx
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