Trendy Tot Thursday

I have been away from this linky for what seems like forever – the reason being wiggly wriggly toddlers who won’t stay still!! 

I only have a couple of photos to share with you & they aren’t the best but I love these outfits so why not!! I promise to try harder but 16 month old wild babies often prove otherwise! So. Onto the clothes:

I couldn’t not share this outfit! The panda jumper and panda leggings are both from Primark! I got them about 2 weeks ago so will still be in stores. The jumper was around £8 I think but it’s really really thick – perfect for the colder weather. P1 is obsessed with pandas. She will not sleep without her Ikea pandas teddies and her little face when she saw the jumper was so cute!! This leggings were £2 and are grey dotty with pandas and hearts. Very very cute 

 Both are age 2-3(!) but primark always tends up come up quite small in my opinions. There is lots of room in the arms so we tuck them over but I just LOVE them!

I had to include these jumpers. My sister bought these when they were BORN so the fact that today they are wearing them seems quite surreal! They are also from Primark and age 2-3. They definitely don’t look like Primark ones and feel lovely. 

I can’t believe they are wearing them. I remember giggling at the size of them when she bought them to the hospital yet here we are!

I’ll try harder next week I promise!!

B xx

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