[Review] Panda Kids Drinks

I remember Panda pops from when I was younger. I really remember there was a blue cola flavour which we all loved as it turned our tongues a different colour! It was my drink of choice when I was younger so jumped at the chance to let Charlie review them. They have rebranded and now are known as Panda Drinks and have the cutest little panda on the front!
He has sandwiches for his dinner at least 3 times a week at school so they’re perfect for his lunchbox. We were sent 4 different flavours to try. 
Raspberry still juice drink, blackcurrant still juice drink, orange and pineapple water drink and blackcurrant flavoured water drink. They come in a clear bottle so you can see what the drink actually looks like which is quite nice to coloured bottles!

Little hands wanted a taste…!!
The bottles come with a flip lid which I had to initially open as it was too tough for him. But we found that after the first open they were easy for him to negotiate himself as ones where you have to pull the lid up, he often struggles with. 
The bottles are 250ml so it’s the perfect size for younger children and found that they were all drunk when I emptied his lunchbag. They also fit easily in a lunchbox too.
Charlie’s favourite
I searched and found Panda drinks on sale online at Tesco for £1.99 for 6 x 250ml bottle which is usually what you pay for similar branded bottles for children. It’s nice to see an alternative to fruit shoots and they offer a different flavours to the usual orange and blackcurrant that you find.
I would definitely buy these for Charlie; I love the cute little Panda picture on the front. It’s nice to see an old brand come back with a lovely new branding and taste just as good as before.

You can find Panda Drinks on Twitter – @Panda_Drinks

B xx
We were sent these drinks with the purpose to review them. All words and pictures are my own
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