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Our house are big Organix fans. Organix products and snacks have featured heavily in our weaning journeys and you will always find one of their products rattling around the cupboards or in the changing bag. With the 100% no junk promise for me – it’s a no brainer! Kids always want snacks so why would you look any further, and I have to admit I am quite partial to the odd carrot stick myself! 
This week Organix are releasing their Little Book of Weaning If you are about to or have just started weaning, the lovely folk at Organix have given you a sneaky peak at this gorgeous book and you can download a taster (pun intended!) of ideas here: 
There’s a handy weaning meal planner on the website that you can print out and keep – thinking of new ideas can often be tricky so it solves all these problems for you. It also outlines roughly what baby should be trying at each stage; you don’t want to be offering them a steak at 6 months!! There’s lots of other tips too so well worth a read and get a girl of this weaning malarkey!
Available from 6th October 2014

I have three children and  I have to say that our weaning journeys, although less than just 5 years apart could not have been more different!

Charlie was exclusively breastfed however around 5 months he started to get very restless so my health visitor advised I start weaning. Being young and naive plus not knowing any different, I trusted what she as a professional said and off we went – porridge loaded spoons ahoy!

Is your child ready?
 One thing was certain, I didn’t like the sound or idea of baby rice – it seemed bland and tasteless so opted for porridge – from a spoon of course. Pouches soon followed & yes even the illuminously bright orange jar of food was stashed in the cupboard for emergencies. 
Charlie’s first taste of porridge

The whole “baby led” concept was not the advice that the health visitors projected onto you back in 2009. It was all about getting baby to have their 5 a day but spoon feeding was the way to do it. I trundled through weaning and did graduate to finger food but this was probably not until at least 9 months. The process of spoon feeding meant every meal seemed long and laborious but we got there. I was happy when we were pretty much solely on finger foods making it possible to share meal times – and not be sat at the table for 2 hours doing aeroplanes whilst trying to make food interesting. 

Some examples of different good stuffs to try

Fast forward to December 2013. This time the challenge seemed much greater – two babies at once! However at our 4 month check the health visitor had explained the concept of baby led weaning – I have to admit when she left I thought she was crazy! How on EARTH could a 6 month old eat food? Think of the mess not to mention the choking risk. Crazy talk!!

But one thing was for sure. Not a mouthful of food would pass their lips until they were at least 6 months (my own personal choice) I made this choice as the twins are my last babies. And the time had already flown that I did not want to rush anything and they’re so little for such a short period, that I wanted to savour every last minute. They will eat food for the rest of their lives so why the hurry to make them grow up?

As the 6 month mark rolled around the chore of this BLW coupled with my own long drawn out process of traditional weaning with Charlie meant I was filled somewhat with dread. I was highly skeptical of the whole BLW malarkey and thought it was just the latest buzz word. But I thought I’d give it a go – and my god how wrong I was!

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a stage of babyhood more. Each meal meant they got to experience different textures and flavours. By my own admission I’m not the best cook in the world but I turned to twitter friends and other blogs for meal inspirations and finally started cooking from scratch. There’s nothing much more satisfying than seeing your kids enjoying something you have made yourself and knowing exactly what’s gone in it. The girls eat everything themselves – including yogurt which is super messy but super fun!

My Dad even commented how it seemed so much more natural to see them picking up food themselves and eating it opposed to someone sat spooning it in.

The girls are 16 months now and so far they’re happy to eat pretty much any and everything put in front of them. Charlie on the other hand is the fussiest eater ever! I don’t know if the way he was introduced to food plays any part in this – only time will tell I suppose. But I’m determined to give my twins the best start I possibly can including healthy no junk snacks.

It is possible to do with twins. Yes there’s a lot of mess but I got floor sheets from the 99p store (life savers!) wipe clean plastic highchairs (fabric ones are so hard to keep clean!) and strip them down to nappies to eat. We also have a lot of sink baths but it’s all worth it. 
If you are feeling how I was – nervous and a bit cynical – give it a try. If anything it’s very entertaining to see them getting to grips with food. But the one thing I would say – RELAX! Yes the majority of it usually ends up on the floor but milk is still the main part of their diet so if they don’t seem to be digesting much – don’t worry. It’s all good (messy!) fun

Jacket potatoes and beans = MESS!!
If you are about to start weaning, then I would definitely check out the Organix website and the Little Book of Weaning is available from this week.
These are a selection of our favourite Organix snacks – what are yours?
B xx
Disclaimer – I have been sent a selection of Organix snacks. All opinions are my own

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