Halloween Shambles

As Halloween approaches I see Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest streams full of weird wacky and wonderful crafts. Creative parents making spooky decorations and amazingly ghoulish snacks for their little ones to enjoy on Halloween; but me? I’ve been to Aldi. Am I a bad Mother because I haven’t spent 3 hours painting and sticky taping together egg boxes to make a spider come evil being decoration? 
Let’s face it – I’m just a bit crap. Always have been and probably always will be. I can’t draw and we all know that I can’t sew…!
It goes way back to the days where I’d sit and watch in amazement at the Blue Peter presenters transforming a yogurt pot into a spaceship which shoots glitter lightening bolts (probably) whereas mine after 2 hours and a tonne of glitter looked like a badly covered glitter yogurt pot. And that Tracy Island they did? Oh please, a girl could only dream to make such a spectacular papier-mâché masterpiece!
I am not crafty in any sense of the word. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve given it all a whirl countless times but it always ends up being an embarrassing mess that even my son wouldn’t try to claim was his own. His are always better to be perfectly honest. 

If you follow me on Pintrest you probably had high hopes what with my Halloween board looking pretty funky. WRONG. Just living out my dream via the pretty lovely world of Pintrest. (Please note this will also apply to Christmas. My boards are for me to drool at – I’d never attempt them!)
Halloween is making me wince; since when did pumpkin carving become an art form?! Mine still are rubbishy square eyes and triangle-ish teeth. Pretty sure come Halloween the trick or treaters will be chuckling to themselves at such a poor attempt!

Scary much? I doubt it…

So if you’re logging on expecting to see amazing Halloween stuff – you’re on the wrong page! Ill have a bit of cotton wool with plastic spiders stuck on and a wonky barely scary pumpkin with a wonky mouth and uneven eyes. Oh and shop bought costumes and treats bought from the supermarket. I think my kids will be less embarrassed this way – I royally suck at arty stuff. 
Oh and before you wonder – I don’t bake their birthday cakes and if school ask for cake donations – yep you guessed it, I’m up the Aldi! Nothing says happy birthday like food poisoning eh?!


B xx

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