Autumn Walks

Our word of the week – walks. 

I am so lucky to love where I live. I’ve always lived in the small town where I was born at the local hospital. I love that my son attends the school I did – complete with some of the same teachers that taught me! And I love taking them to places where I had such fun and lovely memories.

I spent so much of my childhood in the woods playing, making dens and just being a kid. So I thought I’d share with you some of our photos from our autumn walk. It was the first time we have not taken a pram and just let the girls roam free and as you can see – they loved it!

DH isn’t really the outdoors-y type but once we got there he loved seeing them toddling around chasing their brother. It’s amazing how many beautiful places there are on our doorstep and how spending an hour out can really revitalise you
A perfect Sunday. 

And some amazing wellies!

B xx

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